Identifying Kantech XSF facility codes

What is the Kantech XSF ioProx Format?

The Kantech XSF ioProx is a proprietary identification format for...
by Mike Boehm on October 19, 2022
RFID Security Access Key Fobs

The Advantages of RFID Security Access Keys

It’s more important than ever for local companies to create...
by Mike Boehm on October 15, 2022
Using RFID proximity cards with timeclocks

Understanding RFID Timeclock Cards

What is RFID? Though you may not realize it, RFID...
by Mike Boehm on October 13, 2022
commercial key fob door entry systems for schools

The Importance of Access Control Systems in Schools

All parents want their children to be and feel safe...
by Mike Boehm on October 08, 2022
RFID key fob being presented to a gym access reader

How RFID Key Fobs Can Power Up Your Gym

Businesses worldwide have used RFID technologies for years to improve...
by Mike Boehm on October 07, 2022
Common mistakes made with building access systems

Mistakes to Avoid With Your New Access Control System

Before taking the next steps to secure your business with...
by Mike Boehm on October 04, 2022



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