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Credential Questions

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Card formats can be a bit tricky to identify but we can help. Reach our to our technical support via:

Phone: 970-682-0765

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Our tech team can help you figure out what card format type you need.  Here is some of the information they may gather.

  • Do you have the old box that your last cards/fobs came in?  Often there is a label on the box that can help us.
  • What type of card reader/scanners are you using?  Clear close up pictures help a bunch.
  • What access control system are you using?

Whatever the case, our tech team has over 21 years of expereince.  Reach out to us and we will help you determine your card format type with ease.

Here is a detailed article that will help you identify what building access cards to order!

The 26 bit H10301 format is by far the most common card format out there.  It's versatile and works with nearly all access control systems out there.  It's specs are as follows.

Frequency: 125 KHz

Number of Bits: 26

Facility Code: 1-255

Protocol: Wiegand

Card type: Proximity

AuthorizID carries many cards, fobs adhesive tags and wristbands in the 26 bit H10301 format. 

For more information, check out our easy to understand tech blog on the H10301 format.

For more information about the chip in H10301 cards try this article.

Although our cards are not the Doorking brand, they are Doorking DK Prox compampatible.  

Will they work on my Doorking reader?  The readers we have tested these cards on are: 1815-333, 1815-330, 1815-305, 1815-302, 1815-301, 1815-300, 1504-124, and the 1815-305 reader.

Compare our Doorking DK Prox credentials to the following card and fob part numbers: DK Prox 1508-120, 1508-121, 1508-112, 1508-123, 1508-111, and 1508-129

Check our line of Doorking compatible products!

Want to learn more about the Doorking DK Prox format?

Still not sure if these cards and will work on your system?  Give our technical support a call at 970-682-0765.

The easyiest way is to look at one of your existing cards or fobs.  The numbers will tell you all you need to know.  Take a look at the picture of the card below.  The numbering on a Kantech XSF ioProx fob will be the same.

Kantech XSF ioProx facility code and family code

It's really that easy.  If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to our technical support team at 970-682-0765.

Have a look at our Kantech XSF ioProx 26Bit Credentials

For much more information about the Kantech Extended Secure Format CLICK HERE

We do carry AWID compatible products but not AWID branded products.  What that means is we have AuthorizID credentials that will work with your AWID system.

Will your AWID compatible cards work on my AWID reader?  The readers we have tested our cards on are AWID MR1824-G-MP, Sentinel-Prox KP-6840, MM-6800-GR-MP, SP6820-GR-MP, and SR-2400-GR-MP.  If you don't see your card reader, don't panic.  Reach out to our technical support (970-682-0765) or request a free sample

Compare our AWID credentials to the following AWID card and fob part numbers: Prox-Linc KT Prox tags, GR-AWID.

Check out our line of AWID 26 bit, AWID 34 bit, AWID 36 bit and AWID 50 bit formats!

Facility code box

The facility code box allows you to change the facility code programmed to your order from the default facility code to what ever fc you need between 1-255.  Keep in mind that if you want to change the facility code of your order, there will be a $.50 per unit charge added to your order.

What if I want to keep the same default facility code?  Don't worry about filling in the box and you will receive our default facility code.

How do I figure out what the default facility code is?  The default facility code (sometimes called site code) will always be listed in the description of the listing you are looking at.

Need more help?  Our technical support team can be reached at 970-682-0765

Facility codes are sometimes called a site code or a batch code.  They are an extra level of security often used in the coding of proximity cards.  The code is usually between 1-255.

The default facility code of all of our products is always displayed in the description of the listing.

If you need to change the facility code from the default facility code, just type your facility code into the facility code box as pictured below.

facility site code box

Still have questions?  Reach out to our world class technical support at 970-682-07665


Yes we do.  Click the link below to see several pages of products that will all work on your Doorbird intercom system.

Doorbird intercom compatible cards, key fobs, wristbands and adhesive tags!

Yes we do.

Check out our line of Paxton Access Net2 compatable products!

Our line of tokens are similiar to part numbers: 695-644-US, 692-500-US, 692-448-US, 692-052-US, 692-053-US,

Yes we do!  We currently have cards, key fobs, wristbands and adhesive sticker tags that all work with Rosslare readers and systems.  You can find these Rosslare compatible products at the following link.

Still not sure?  Reach out to our world class technical support for help. 970-682-0765

The numbers in the 26 bit card format range from 1 to 65,535 so the total possible numbers are 65,535.  This means that if you have a system that uses standard 26 bit cards, you can only have a maximum of 65,535 cards in your system.


The leading reason why payments are rejected is the billing address.  Your billing address must match the billing address of the credit card you are using.

If the problem persists, call our customer support line at 970-682-0765.  Our support team will help you through this so you can get your credentials as fast as possible.