proximity cards vs NFC smart cards

Choosing Proximity Cards or Smart Cards for My Security System

Companies worldwide are upgrading their security systems to protect their...
by Mike Boehm on January 27, 2023
creating a tight building security system

The Elements of an Effective Access Control System

Any successful sports team understands that Defense is just as...
by Mike Boehm on January 23, 2023
How to get key fob cloned

Cloning My Apartment Key Fob: The Risks and Benefits, Types of Key Fobs, and Cloning Services

Many modern and luxury apartment complexes and condominiums have switched...
by Mike Boehm on January 19, 2023
access control systems and proximity access cards

What Do Access Control Systems Protect Against?

Access control systems are security systems put in place at...
by Mike Boehm on January 05, 2023
Hotel room keycard presented to security access lock

Why is Security Access Important for Hotels?

Although you may not realize it, nearly every hotel has...
by Mike Boehm on January 03, 2023
AWID 26 bit key card presented to an AWID reader

What is the AWID 26-bit Format?

The AWID 26-bit format is a proprietary proximity card format...
by Mike Boehm on December 26, 2022



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