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26 Bit wiegand reader

The Pros and Cons of Proximity Access Control Readers

In today's ever-evolving world, security has become a top priority...
by Mike Boehm on September 22, 2023
rfid wristband for healthcare

The Advantages of Using Proximity Wristbands for Healthcare

Proximity wristbands (also known as proximity bracelets) have emerged as...
by Mike Boehm on August 28, 2023
Proximity sticker for access control

How Bars & Restaurants Benefit from Security Access Systems

Ensuring the safety and security of patrons and staff is...
by Mike Boehm on July 26, 2023
Access Control Key

The Importance of Bank Access Control Systems

In today's rapidly advancing digital era, ensuring robust security measures...
by Mike Boehm on July 20, 2023
Woman holding an RFID badge

How to Increase Safety in Your Workplace

In today's rapidly evolving work environment, ensuring the safety and...
by Mike Boehm on July 11, 2023
Reasons to Install an Access Control System in Your Hospital

Reasons to Install an Access Control System in Your Hospital

Hospitals are constantly bustling with activity. Since they are often...
by Mike Boehm on July 03, 2023



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