What To Do When Key Cards Need Emergency Deactivation

What To Do When Key Cards Need Emergency Deactivation

by Mike Boehm on June 08, 2024

As many large and small companies rely on access control systems for their security needs, it is crucial to understand the necessity and procedure for emergency card deactivation. This article outlines key points on what to do when a key card requires emergency deactivation.


Understanding the Situation:

First and foremost, it is essential to grasp the situation and discern the reason for deactivating a key card. While the process of deactivation may seem straightforward, acting too hastily can have adverse implications. Immediate action for emergency deactivation is warranted in scenarios such as a reported loss or theft of a company access card, or if there are security concerns regarding an employee who possesses a company access card. The loss or theft of a company access card poses a risk of intellectual and personal property theft, necessitating urgent deactivation. Make sure you know why a card needs to be deactivated before it is to ensure employees are not wrongfully locked out of the system or building.


Deactivating the Company Access Card:

Once the decision to deactivate the company access card has been made based on the provided information, the next step is to remove the card's access from the company's security system. Failing to do so could leave the card active, granting unauthorized access to the building or software. Typically, deactivating the card from the system involves a few simple steps in the software. Ensure the company access card is deactivated by either searching for it in the system or, if possible, testing it to ensure it no longer functions.


Replacing the Company Access Card:

The final step in this process is to replace the deactivated company access card. If an employee reports their card as lost and there are no security concerns, a new card must be issued to them. Ensure the new card has the same access permissions as the employee's previous one, enabling continued access to the company building or database. It may be helpful to note on the employee's record the instances of lost company access cards to monitor any patterns. If multiple cards have been lost within a short timeframe, further investigation into the employee's activities may be warranted.


By following these steps, companies can effectively manage emergency key card deactivation and uphold the security of the company’s intellectual and personal property.

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