What is the Doorking DK Prox Format?

What is the Doorking DK Prox Format?

by Mike Boehm on November 17, 2022

The Doorking DK prox format is a proprietary RFID access control solution created by Doorking. Doorking’s line of DK prox readers is extensive and quite popular. All of Doorkings proximity card readers are compatible with the 1830 series of access controllers. Doorking DK prox readers are compatible with 26-bit Weigand proximity cards. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of the Doorking DK Prox format and which credentials are compatible with which readers.

Advantages of the Doorking DK Prox Format

Doorking DK products are popular because the readers are highly compatible with the most popular proximity card format, Weigand 26-bit. This level of compatibility provides a high degree of flexibility for organizations to choose their preferred prox cards. Doorking DK proximity cards and readers provide access control solutions for apartment complexes, gated communities, residence halls, mixed use residential buildings, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, parking decks, and self storage premises. 

The Doorking DK readers don’t require physical contact to use. The readers can read the prox card data through any building material, except metal. DK proximity readers offer superior durability, appropriated for interior and exterior applications. All readers ae weather-proof and include a red/green LEDs that light up for unsuccessful/successful authentication. The reader have a sleek and modern design, but can blend in nicely with any building design. 

Passive card technology is an excellent option because there’s no batteries to replace, no parts to wear out. Readers come with a 5 year limited factory warranty, but the only ‘maintenance’ required is the assignment of new credentials. Proximity cards can be read an unlimited number of times and are available in clamshell, printed, keyfob, and adhesive tag forms.

What card readers are compatible with the Doorking DK Prox Format?

Doorking DK Prox credentials are compatible with the following 125 kHz card readers: 

  • 1815-300 – read range up to 3 inches
  • 1815‐300 – read range up to 4 inches
  • 1815-301 – read range up to 4 inches
  • 1815‐302 – read range up to 2 inches, can fit inside the 1830 90 Series telephone entry system
  • 1815‐305 – read range up to 12 inches
  • 1815‐330 – this reader is just the 1815‐300 reader on a surface mount enclosure
  • 1815‐333 – variation on the 1815‐330 that adds a 2358‐010 Tracker expansion board
  • 1504-124 – 1815‐300 reader mounted on surface enclosure with a built-in intercom substation 

Essentially any 1815 series of Doorking DK readers works with the Dorking DK format when combined with the 1830 series access controllers. 

Doorking has an additional reader option, known as the DK Prox Long Range Reader for automatic vehicle identification (AVI). The 1815-350 reader can identify passive tags to provide access control for parking decks. The 1815-350 reader has an adjustable read range, between 8-25 feet, with two different operating modes, timing and trigger. This reader operates in the UHK frequency band (902- 928). 

Doorking offers a dual technology card (1508-198 UHF / DK Dual Prox Tag) that allows a single credential card to be used with both AVI and standard DK Prox readers. This means an organization can provide one card for entry into their secured parking areas and the rest of their premises.

Doorking DK Prox Card Readers

What credentials (cards, fobs, adhesive tags) work with the Doorking DK Prox Format?

For companies or organizations looking to use Doorking DK Prox credentials, you can choose from the following options: 

  • 1508-120 – clamshell
  • 1508-121 – ISO graphics
  • 1508-112 – key tag fob
  • 1508-123 – key tag fob
  • 1508-111 – ISO graphics
  • 1508-129 – key tag fob, special card numbers, sequential coding, custom-coded 

Doorking DK Prox Clamshell CardDoorking DK Prox Key Fob

All DK Prox Card clamshells are factory pre-coded. Card numbers may or may not be sent in numerical sequence and they are only sold in blocks of 50. 

Doorking also has the following AVI tags: 

  • 1508-195 – Windshield / Headlight tag, AVI 1815-350 reader only
  • 1508-199 – License Plate tag, AVI 1815-350 reader only
  • 1508-191 – UHF tag, AVI 1850-350 reader only
  • 1508-198 – UHF / DK Prox Dual tag (works with both AVI and DK prox readers) 

Doorking DK Prox UHF StickerDoorking DK Prox UHF Car TagDoorking DK Prox Printable Card

Where to Purchase Compatible Credentials?

Check out Authoiz-ID if you’re looking for credentials that are compatible with Doorking’s line of DK Prox readers. We offer DK compatible clamshells, wearables, and key fobs that you can use with any of the DK Prox readers listed in this article. If you don’t know where to start, our tech support professionals are available 24/7 at 970-682-0765 or you can email us at support@authoriz-id.com. We’re happy to help you determine what credential options best suits your needs and even send you some free samples to ensure they work with your system before you place a larger order.