The Versatility of the 26-Bit H10301 Card Format

The Versatility of the 26-Bit H10301 Card Format

by Mike Boehm on September 06, 2022

When it comes to creating secure systems for your company or organization, there is no better security card format than the 26 bit H10301 format. Widely regarded by security experts as the industry standard, the 26 bit H10301 card format is the most commonly used proximity card format used in the industry.

The H10301 format is an open format that is easily customizable and widely available at leading retailers. If you’re looking to onboard a high-quality security system, then you should understand the capabilities of the 26 bit H10301 card format. 

What is the 26 bit H10301 format?

ID cards can be programmed depending on the type of format used. The format is determined by the data pattern created by the formatting program. The data programmed into the ID card will determine the proximity card format and what door access readers will work with the ID card.

26 bit H10301 card format acts as the industry standard for many security systems. The format can be used to assign various facility codes and serial numbers to personnel via their security ID card. 

Facility Codes

A facility code is a number that adds an additional level of security to your access control system. The facility code is programmed to each individual ID card in the ID card program.

For 26 bit ID cards, the maximum facility code that can be created is 255, which is considered enough by industry experts. Depending on the access control system, ID cards can include facility codes to do one of three activities: 

  • Allow access to various office locations
  • Add restricted access points to a specific building or facility
  • Differentiate between various departments and/or personnel

When using a 26 bit card format, facility codes should be between 0 and 255. In some instances, facility codes can be shortened as “FC”. Some businesses will instead use the term “site code” instead of a facility code. 

Serial Numbers

Serial numbers are the unique starting numbers programmed to every ID code that uses a 26 bit card format. The serial can be used to represent or identify the cardholder. These serial numbers are frequently used to assign access privileges to various cardholders via the control software that is usually controlled by the system admin.

When using a 26 bit card format, the maximum value of the serial number is 65,535. System admins looking to get the most out of there security systems should avoid assigning multiple ID cards with the same serial numbers.

Why the 26 bit H10301 Card Format is so Common

Industry experts have long regarded the 26 bit H10301 card format as the industry standard. The 26 bit H10301 format is an open format that allows users to utilize a variety of photo ID proximity cards from the majority of retailers. 

By incorporating a 26 bit card format, businesses can reduce current and future security costs as these technologies will be compatible for years and available from a wide range of suppliers. Using H10301 card formats is a security investment that’s guaranteed to save companies time and money. 

While 26 bit card formats are the most common, compared to proprietary formats like the 37 bit and 40 bit, they are less secure. According to security experts, these proprietary formats are more secure than other formats as they are more difficult to order and are more expensive. 

In many cases, ID card manufactures discontinue ID cards or simply go out of business. When using a 26 bit card format, it is easy to find alternate suppliers that have compatible ID cards in stock. However, companies that use proprietary card formats like 37 bit and 40 bit rarely have the same luck. Because of this, many companies using 37 and 40 bit card formats experience unintended expenses down the line. 

While the majority of these card formats work the same, the added costs of more complex card formats typically outweigh the benefits they offer. If you’re looking for a long-term and affordable security solution, security experts highly recommend using a 26 bit H10301 card format.

The Tried-and-True Nature of the H10301 Format

26 bit card formats can be applied to a multitude of security products. Many ID manufacturers sell a variety of products including fobs, cards, micro proximity tags, and more. These products utilize the same 26 bit card formats and can work on the same door access panels and card readers.

When using these card formats on other products, the control system will still need to program the proper facility codes and serial numbers onto each product used by an individual. This will allow for a seamless user experience within your security system.

26 bit card formats are used in the majority of security systems across the world. That is why many of the world’s leading companies favor using a 26 bit card format for their security systems. By utilizing this technology, companies can create a seamless security system that can be easily applied to any region. Further, since 26 bit card formats are so common, replacing or integrating new technologies into the security system will be efficient and cost-effective.

Availability of 26 Bit H10301 Cards

Due to its popularity 26 bit cards are in high demand. Luckily, companies have a wide range of suppliers to choose from.

One of the most popular suppliers in the US is AuthorizID. AuthorizID has a wide selection of security products including ID cards, fobs, adhesive tags, and wristbands. AuthorizID acts as a comprehensive security card retailer that can provide all the security products you need.

Building a high-tech security system for your business can feel daunting. Many people don’t have the background or experience in creating a security system for their business.

However, companies shouldn’t let security be an afterthought. While sales, marketing, and finance help drive revenue, security systems guarantee protection for that revenue.

In a highly digitized world of hackers and miscreants, don’t leave your business exposed to security risks. By working with the security professionals like those at AuthorizID, you can incorporate state of the art security systems into your business immediately.