Why is Security Access Important for Hotels?

Why is Security Access Important for Hotels?

by Mike Boehm on January 03, 2023

Although you may not realize it, nearly every hotel has a security access system. A security access system is installed throughout a whole building or facility to ensure only authorized personnel can enter into certain rooms within the building (this is the access portion). Additionally, a security access system also can include cameras and alarms (this is the security portion). The hotel access system uses essentials for its systems like a database, building access cards, cameras, and alarms. It is a keycard system that can easily be integrated throughout your whole hotel. But why is security access important for hotels?

Hotels have a continuous flow of customers going into and out of the building throughout the day. Additionally, they also have employees who work 24/7. This article will explain why security access is so important for hotels and will look at the 3 main reasons to have a security access system in your hotel.


Hotel Access Control Allows Authorized People Only:

A hotel keycard system helps prevent unauthorized access into the building and guests’ rooms. For example, upon checking-in, each guest will be given a hotel access card which will be specific to that guest and room. A guest cannot simply use their card on any room and gain access. A hotel room card can also be easily programmed to work on other access points within the building such as swimming pools, laundry rooms, and exterior doors.


Hotel Access Control Enhances Staff & Customer Safety:

Staff and customers want to feel safe at any establishment they attend. Security access systems allow one to easily monitor who is entering the building at any given time. Building access cards are unique to staff and customers, meaning that your hotel keycard system will create a database of information in which you can see who entered the west side door at 5:00 pm (for example). This helps protect the hotel from crime as criminals will be deterred due to excellent security or be caught due to cameras and monitored access points that require a hotel access card.


Hotel Access Control Saves Money:

From an economic standpoint, a security access system for a hotel required extremely little cost. If an employee or customer misplaces, looses, or simply doesn’t return their hotel room key card, then they are easily replaced at a low cost. Additionally, if said hotel room card is not returned, hotel management can turn off the granted access the card was initially programmed with, thus rendering the card inoperable. Hotel access cards are easily found on the market at low costs (especially when bought in bulk) and are much cheaper than re-keying locks or even simply getting a new key remade.