What is an RFID Key Fob?

What is an RFID Key Fob?

by Mike Boehm on June 05, 2023

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. Essentially, RFID technology is used as a validation system in many different capacities; it enables you to securely store valuable and unique information on a microchip, which can later be safely accessed by RFID readers that will either approve or deny the chip depending on the system’s preferences. These microchips can conveniently be placed in a variety of different formats, such as cards, wristbands, key fobs, and rings; you can even get an RFID microchip implant in your hand! 


Different Formats 

RFID is most commonly found in card format—much like your credit card or your badge at work. There are many other formats besides cards, however. Among other formats, RFID is also employed in key fobs. 


Key Fobs 

A key fob is a small tag just slightly bigger than a quarter which usually has a chain attached to it. This is so that it can be placed on your key ring or a lanyard. Although key fobs are small, they can sometimes be easier to keep track of. This is because RFID key fobs are generally used at your place of employment, gym, or neighborhood pool. The one thing that these places have in common is the need to bring your house or car keys with you. If your key fob and keys are all in the same place, then nothing will be forgotten or misplaced. An additional plus of a key fob is that it is waterproof. 


How it works 

An RFID key fob works in the exact same way as an RFID card. There is a microprocessor chip inside the key fob which contains information. The fob utilizes an antenna which helps communicate the information to a card/key fob reader. Once the RFID key fob is read, the system will either grant or deny access to the user of the key fob depending on the system’s preferences and the information contained in the key fob.

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