What is an RFID card?

What is an RFID card?

by Mike Boehm on May 31, 2023

You may have heard of RFID cards through your work or personal life. They have become extremely common in recent years and can be found and used in many different ways. 

What is RFID? 

RFID stands for “Radio Frequency Identification.” Essentially, RFID technology is used as a validation system in many different capacities; it enables you to securely store valuable and unique information on a microchip, which can later be safely accessed by RFID readers that will either approve or deny the chip depending on the system’s preferences. These microchips can conveniently be placed in a variety of different objects, such as cards, wristbands, key fobs, and rings; you can even get an RFID microchip implant in your hand! 

How Does RFID Work? 

To see how exactly RFID technology works, we need to examine the essential components that it utilizes. Each piece of RFID technology (whether it is a card, wristband, fob, etc.) has a microprocessor chip inside it that holds information (e.g., bank account info, employee identification info and clearance level, etc.). The chip then communicates with a proximity reader through an antenna. Once the chip is read by the reader, the system determines whether or not the information is to be accepted or denied (depending on, for example, if your bank account has sufficient funds, or if you have the necessary security level). 

Why RFID is Great for a Business 

Using RFID cards in your business can improve both security and efficiency in a variety of ways; most notably, RFID technology helps secure your intellectual and physical property. The most common ways this is achieved is by placing locks on your company doors that are controlled by an RFID reader and security system (physical), and by securing company equipment (e.g., computer systems, offices, etc.) with RFID readers as well (intellectual). In any case, the system can easily be set up to whatever preferences you prefer. For example, if you want Employee A to only have access to the warehouse and Employee B to only have access to the office, it is as simple as updating their unique RFID chips to reflect those preferences. Conversely, if you do not want an employee who was recently terminated have access to anything, you can simply deactivate their RFID card from your system. 

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