What Do Access Control Systems Protect Against?

What Do Access Control Systems Protect Against?

by Mike Boehm on January 05, 2023

Access control systems are security systems put in place at a variety of facilities and organizations to help maintain a safe and secure environment. They use security cameras, system integration, and proximity access cards to do so. This article will reflect on the five main things that an access control system will protect against.


Physical Theft:

If your facility has thousands to millions of dollars of product, then it is of the upmost importance to ensure that it is safe, especially when no employees are at the facility. An access control system can be programmed to only allow access to individuals who have an access control card and who are, therefore, authorized to be in the building (i.e., employees). Additionally, extra layers of security can be put in place to allow for dual factor authentication by requiring a proximity access card and a four digit pin to unlock a door. 


Data Theft:

Access control systems implement physical protection and logical protection. The logical aspect of access control protects your databases and systems. Anyone with their own business can understand the importance of intellectual property and why it must be protected. With an access control system, you can make sure that only certain individuals (for example, upper management) have access to your intellectual property by requiring an access control card to verify identity.


Unauthorized Access:

To help prevent both physical and logical theft, an access control system is built around who has access and who does not. With proximity badges, each employee can have certain levels of access granted to them and changed at any given time. For example, you may not want a floorman to have access to the accounting department (not necessarily because you do not trust them, but because they have no use for that area of business). Each employee’s proximity badge will be programmed to allow that employee access to whatever the scope of their job requires, nothing more and nothing less. Additionally, there is the concern that an access control card will be stolen or lost, which is why proximity badges can be printed on to show a picture of the employee it belongs to.


Company Audits:

By consistently using proximity access cards, you will gain a database in which you can analyze certain employee characteristics. For example, if you require your employees to use their proximity badges to clock in everyday on a timeclock, this will help you identify if any of your employees consistently show up late. Additionally, if you suspect an employee has stolen something within the facility, you can go back to the database and analyze who last accessed the scene of the theft. This can be especially helpful in accounting audits and if money gets lost.


High Maintenance Costs:

Lastly, an access control system will protect against high security costs. With an access control system, you do not have to hire a security guard, or have frequent maintenance checks for your security system. An access control system is incredibly user friendly and has low market cost for proximity access cards and other parts that are integral to your system.