What Are Proximity Key Fobs and Do They Improve Security

Sep 20 , 2022

Victoria Bodak

What Are Proximity Key Fobs and Do They Improve Security

There are many security systems you can invest in for your business and home, but one of the best and simplest is a good proximity key fob system. However, you need to understand what a proximity key fob is and how they improve security to see their benefits. Here’s a deeper look into these systems and how they improve security for your buildings.

What Are Proximity Keys Fobs?

The first thing you should understand is what proximity key fobs are. Proximity key fobs are often small keychains that fit on any key ring and can interact with a building access system. Each access key fob contains a small microchip that, when presented to a card reader, will emit a unique ID number.

Using Proximity Key Fobs for Building Access

The most common use for access key fobs is with building access systems. These systems use key cards or key fobs as keys to open locks on doors and check into a location or system. This means you can easily navigate a commercial building just by presenting your keycard. The doors will open for you. This is very useful for quick travel if your hands are mostly full. You don’t need to struggle with keys anymore.

Connection With Proximity Readers

While access key fobs are very important for this security system, you still need proximity readers that can scan these cards at every location you want to protect. These proximity cards readers are also sometimes referred to as card scanners. A full system that utilizes key fobs will need readers to make the system work.

Increasing Physical Security With Access Key Fobs

One reason a key fob access system is superior to a physical lock and key system is that they increase building security. A regular lock and key can stop a lot of thieves, but there are plenty who can work around these locks. That’s why these systems can be so useful. Breaking into them is difficult, but people with access key fobs can access the building easily.

Programmable Safety

Another reason these systems can be so useful is that they’re programmable, and each fob and reader can have several configurations. This means you can create complex systems, limiting access to people even when they have a key fob. You can design a security system that’s perfect for your needs and still gives quick access to those who need it.

Designing or programming your key fob access system is actually quite easy. Nearly all access control systems will allow you to designate what proximity key fobs will be allowed at each of your secured doors. Not only can you control what key fobs are allowed at each door, but you can also control what times the key fobs will be allowed through those doors.

In addition to full access control of your building, proximity key fob systems will log all access events. You will know who entered your building, where they entered, and what time they entered. All these access logs are stored for easy review at a future date if you need them.

This is what you should know about proximity key fobs and how they improve your security. Proper investment and customization in these systems will help you protect your business or home from a lot of issues.

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