Understanding RFID Timeclock Cards

Understanding RFID Timeclock Cards

by Mike Boehm on October 13, 2022

What is RFID?

Though you may not realize it, RFID technology is a growing commodity in our society; in fact, you likely rely on it every day. When you pay for your groceries or for your morning coffee by simply tapping your credit card on a little device, you are using RFID technology. RFID stands for “Radio-Frequency Identification.” To put it simply, RFID uses tags in objects to track those objects’ ‘information.’ For example, the credit card you use to pay for your groceries is linked to your bank account. When you hold your credit card to the card reader, the reader uses an electromagnetic field (in the frequency of radio waves) to read and identify the information contained in the tag on your card. But what else can we use this growing technology for?

Proximity Timeclock Cards

Businesses can use RFID technology for timeclocks through proximity timeclock cards. Proximity timeclock cards use RFID technology to conveniently access and store employee information in a database. The proximity capabilities of RFID cards make them incredibly useful, as you do not have to physically swipe the card; you can simply hold the card to the reader. In fact, most proximity cards don’t even need to be taken out of your wallet in order for the reader to read the card! As long as the card is close to the reader, it will acknowledge the card and do the necessary task.

Why use RFID with my timeclock?

There are numerous reasons why a business should use RFID technology, but for now we will focus on the four main reasons businesses should take advantage of using RFID timeclock cards.

Ease of use

One of the main reasons proximity timeclock cards are so popular is because they are easier than using most other timeclock systems. Punch card systems, for example, have a lot of problems that are easily solved with an RFID timeclock system. Punch card time clock requires the employees to use a paper timecard which will be stamped with the time and date. An RFID timeclock card, on the other hand, is reusable and requires no paper! Once the RFID timeclock card is scanned, the system immediately records when the employee clocked in/out—down to the millisecond! These are huge advantages to using proximity timeclock cards: Not only is it less wasteful and much better for the environment, but it also makes adjusting an employee’s clock-in or clock-out time easier, since all of your employees’ information is conveniently stored in one database. Furthermore, it is easy to install multiple clock-in points in your facility with instantaneous communication between readers, making it easier for your employees to clock in and out on time. Additionally, having to swipe a card through a system or logging into a computer system takes more time than an RFID timeclock card. With a proximity timeclock card, you simply need to wave your card on a reader, and you’re done!

RFID timeclock cards can double as ID badges

In addition to the obvious convenience offered by proximity technology, the RFID timeclock cards can also be used as both a physical and digital badge for each employee. Since the RFID technology stores data in the card about each individual employee, it makes sense to have some sort of identification related to each card. Not only will the badge help identify which employee it belongs to, but in a large organization it is important to differentiate employees from customers. Badges are also great in an organization because you can print organizational codes on the card, which makes it easily accessible for an employee to have a quick reference in a time of emergency. Furthermore, the badge will be attached to the employee, making it easily accessible for the employee to read the card.

Timeclock cards with access control

RFID cards have yet another purpose that will benefit a business: They can also be used on an access control system. An access control system is a system that is set up in your business to ensure that only authorized personnel are granted access to the property, or certain places in the property. You can easily take one employee’s proximity timeclock card and grant them access to different points in your facility. For example, you can grant your CEO access to everything, whereas your delivery driver might only have access to the garage. Not only will linking RFID timeclock card to your access control system help prevent unauthorized personal from entering certain places, but it will also help you keep a record of what employees go where. This is not a form of breaking an employee’s personal information, but more of an insurance policy so that you know where certain employees are at time of a theft, or to ensure that your employees are working when they say they are.

Versatility and convenience

Lastly, RFID is incredibly convenient for the business world at large. It is a multipurpose proximity card that can be used for employees to clock in/out, as physical badges, and can be used on an access control system. That is three cards in one! Additionally, using RFID cards with a timeclock system diminishes human error in processing timecards. They also lead to faster processing when payroll comes around, since all of the employee’s information is in one convenient system that will automatically update and process an employee’s hours. RFID technology has shown to be incredibly convenient with its versatility and data collection capabilities. RFID timeclock badges also increase company efficiency by reducing menial tasks that take away from an employee’s time like logging into a system to clock-in or punching a code on a pin pad to enter a building.

What RFID cards will work with my timeclock?

While RFID technology is growing in everyday life, it is also growing in the business world as more and more companies take advantage of its convenience and multi-purposes. However, we can’t all be tech savvy enough to be sure of what our organizations need. If you are unsure of what RFID proximity timeclock card would work with your system, then call AuthorizID and connect with their world-class customer service that is 100% U.S.-based. AuthorizID has incredible products and impeccable customer service. The customer service representatives have real-world access control experience and knowledge. You can access their website here. AuthorizID will provide free samples of RFID products to ensure that their proximity timeclock cards work with your system—a great way to try before you buy! They are a friendly group that will walk you through technical support issues with patience. So why wait? Call AuthorizID today to set up your business with a proximity timeclock card system!

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