Things To Consider When Designing Access Control for Hotels

Things To Consider When Designing Access Control for Hotels

by Mike Boehm on December 06, 2022

After making the decision to implement access control systems in your organization, the next step is designing your access control system. Each access control system has unique features that can be tailored to the business it serves. This article will bring to light important things to consider when designing an access control system for a hotel by diving into the where, when, and why of access control.


One of the first questions you will need to answer when installing an access control system for your facility is where you want it—what specific points are you looking to secure within and outside the building? Building access cards can be used on different card readers placed at various points around the facility. For example, at a hotel you will most likely want each room to have a card reader. Each room will be programmed to a hotel door entry card on a guest by guest basis. Additionally, you will want to secure outside entry points as well to ensure that the guests and staff feel safe. Most hotels even have a card reader to enter the swimming pool or laundry room. One will need to make sure that all necessary access points are secured and require a building access card that is programmed to the correct clearance level.


After determining where your access control system will be and what it will secure, the next question is when it will be active. Hotel door entry cards can be programmed to work at certain times of day on certain doors. For example, a hotel may want their guests to have access to the pool 24/7, or they might want to deny access after 10 pm. Additionally, hotel door entry cards can be automatically deactivated once a guest checks out or when their intended stay is over. On a higher level, building access cards are often given to staff so that they can enter more restricted areas such as the kitchen, the security room, the laundry room, etc. Moreover, cards can be programmed to activate for each employee during the times that they are scheduled to work. For example, if Joe is working 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, his company can ensure that his building access card will only work on access points from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. Additionally, your access control system can automatically lock the main entry doors after midnight and require a building access card to keep the facility safe and secure.


The last question to answer is the why for your access control system. Why have an access control for your hotel in the first place? As shown above, access control will help keep your facility safe and secure. This is done by intentionally placing access control points and pairing them with correctly programmed hotel door entry cards in order to ensure unauthorized personnel are not roaming the facility or guests cannot enter other guests’ room. Knowing when your building access cards and facility doors will be active adds another layer of protection for your staff and guests. Lastly, access control systems are incredibly cost-effective, professional, and trustworthy, so why not have an access control system for your hotel?