The Importance of Access Control Systems in Schools

The Importance of Access Control Systems in Schools

by Mike Boehm on October 08, 2022

All parents want their children to be and feel safe and protected. When children go to school, however, their parents cannot be there to protect them. So, the question becomes: With increased rates in school shootings and child trafficking, how can a school district best protect our children? As this article will show, one of the most simple and effective ways for a school to protect its students is to have an access control system.

Limited Access

If schools installed access control systems, they could easily limit who enters the building and even specific rooms within the building. One means of such access control are commercial key fob door entry systems, which can be installed on the exterior of doors (both indoor and outdoor) and require a proximity key fob (also known as an access key fob) in order to unlock the door. These proximity key fobs are given to trusted individuals (i.e., school employees such as teachers, monitors, school board members, etc.). This will insure that people outside of the general school organization will not be able to access the building.


An access key fob has a unique code that is assigned to an individual. As such, when you require personnel to use an access key fob to enter a building, you will actively be able to track who is entering that building. This will give you a detailed account of where everyone is and will help to hold employees accountable for their actions. Additionally, once an employee’s information and proximity key fob is in your system, it can be easily removed from the system if need be. This means that if a teacher gets terminated, they will no longer be able to access the building after they have been deleted from the system.

Cost Effective and Worth the Price

While switching to a commercial key fob door entry system might sound expensive (and may have a large up-front cost), it has immeasurable value. Giving parents, teachers, and students peace of mind and helping them feel safe cannot be measured monetarily, and it will help keep a low stress environment for everyone. Additionally, access key fobs are themselves rather cost effective and readily available from multiple vendors. Additionally, locksmithing costs will significantly fall since the system will be more automated and there will be no need to rekey physical locks. At the end of the day, we want to protect our children and teachers from school shootings, predators, etc. An access control system is not a perfect solution, but it is a huge step in the right direction.