Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Access Control System

Sep 21 , 2022

Victoria Bodak

Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Access Control System

Security control is very important for the protection of your business and workers as it helps keep dangerous people out. However, a simple lock and key system won’t work forever, and you’ll eventually need to upgrade your buildings physical key system to an electronic access control system. Here are some signs that your building access system needs an update.

Unauthorized Access

One of the most obvious signs that you need a new system is when people access areas without proper authorization. Whether this is by accident or on purpose doesn’t matter—just the fact that it happened is the issue. If your system can’t stop people from coming in, it isn’t doing its job and needs an upgrade.

With a physical lock and key system in place, keys can be copied. When an employee needs their access modified, keys need to be recalled and switched with different keys. Sometimes, costly locksmith visits are necessary for these access changes.

Utilizing building access cards with an access control system with give you the power to control authorizations. With a click of a mouse, you can modify a building keycard’s access privileges. There’s now no need for a locksmith. In addition, building access cards are hard to duplicate. With all this in mind, building access keycards drastically reduce instances of unauthorized access.

Are you not convinced you need to upgrade your building access yet? Let’s keep going.

Tracking Information

One of the main benefits of newer access control systems is the fact that you can track building access information easily. Each time an employee uses their building access card, your access control will log the date, time and location of it’s use. With this information, you can drastically reduce misuse and unauthorized access of restricted areas.

Tracking traffic in your building also gives you useful information about employee movements within your facility, how many people are in your building, and critical muster information in case of a fire. to a system that can track that information is a great move for many building owners and companies.

Company growth

Another sign that it’s time to upgrade your access control system is keep up with growth in your company or building. As you grow, more people will want to access your building, even if they aren’t welcome. Keeping up with your growth and improving your systems will help protect workers and sensitive information in your business.

All of these are great times to update your systems to better protect and understand your building. A good building access card system strengthens your business and prevents a lot of the issues many other companies and buildings run into.

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