Mistakes to Avoid With Your New Access Control System

Mistakes to Avoid With Your New Access Control System

by Mike Boehm on October 04, 2022

Before taking the next steps to secure your business with an access control system, it is important to know what not to do when looking for and setting up your system. This article highlights 5 of the most common mistakes companies make when it comes to their access control systems.

#1 Installing Old Technology

A lot of companies make the mistake of buying the cheapest or 2nd cheapest option once making the decision to buy an access control system. More often than not, that necessitates buying an older system. While you may spend less money up front when you chose to take this route, it will inevitably cost you more time and money in the long run. All access control systems require regular maintenance and repairs. Parts for the older systems are few and far between meaning that finding the right building access cards or parts for the system will be difficult and costly. Most proximity card suppliers will only sell what is most current since it is costly for them to keep old technologies in stock.

#2 Proper Access Points

Make sure your access control system is secure but convenient. The access control system should be uniform throughout the business and have multiple points in order to encourage employees to use it and to protect sensitive areas within the business. Employees should have to use their RFID cards at multiple points to enter certain areas.

#3 Not Updating User Accounts

Employers often overlook updates to their user accounts database. Each employee should have their own RFID card that is associated with their employee ID and the facility where they work. It is important that, once an employee leaves the company, they are deleted from the system and their RFID card is disabled. If not, then old employees could still access the building (or, worse yet, they could lose their cards, potentially allowing any stranger to have building access!).

#4 Allowing Too Much Access

Another common mistake is that employers will grant their employees’ RFID cards access to every part of the building. It is important to only gives employees access to what they need; that way, employees can be held accountable for their actions, and employers can protect more sensitive information.

#5 Poor Training

In order for employees to use the system properly, it is essential that they are trained right. Too often, employers will install an access control system without researching how it works. Employees need to know how to use their RFID cards in order to keep their business secure. Additionally, employees need to know where and when to use their cards and the importance of keeping access points secure. Some proximity card suppliers can help with basic training and suggestions like making sure each employee has their own unique password to access the system.