Importance of Consistent Access Control System Maintenance

Importance of Consistent Access Control System Maintenance

by Mike Boehm on February 07, 2024

Access control systems are ubiquitous and effective types of security systems. They are, however, notorious for being confusing at times, often requiring in-depth maintenance and upkeep. This article will show the importance and essentiality of maintaining your access control system and establish some key steps you can take to make sure your access control system is up to date. 

Access Control – What It Is & How To Implement It 

At its root, access control is a multifaceted and versatile type of security system that can be integrated into nearly any facility. Due to their adaptability, these systems are often found in facilities such as hospitals, schools, gyms, hotels, and other fast-paced businesses that require well-rounded security systems.  

At their core, access control systems are designed to guard outside threats or unauthorized users from gaining access to the facility—whether it’s the building itself or certain restricted areas within it. With the use of proximity access control, such security systems utilize specialized software that is able to determine who can and who cannot access a facility, ensuring that only users with valid proximity cards can obtain access.  

Most proximity card suppliers source all of the necessary hardware for access control systems. In particular, proximity card suppliers offer a variety of products such as proximity cards, fobs, key tags, and even wristbands. Furthermore, proximity card suppliers often supply a variety of additional products as well, ranging from card readers and programmers to cameras and electronic locks. No matter the type of access control system you are hoping to install, proximity card suppliers will have the products that are right for you. 


Now that you know more about access control systems and proximity card suppliers, it is time to dive into the necessary steps you must take to maintain your access control system.  

Most proximity card suppliers recommend that facilities utilizing an access control system undertake a quarterly audit on their system to ensure that user permissions are up to date. This essential step is designed to ensure that employees that have been terminated no longer have access to the facility, and that all employees have been given the proper clearance level in accordance with their job description.  

In addition to conducting regular audits, access control administrators should have their system professionally serviced by a proximity card supplier to ensure that all hardware is up to date and that there are no gaps in the system. Access control systems that are not maintained by a proximity card supplier are often weaker than other systems, potentially opening the door to hackers and system breaches. 


 As we have seen, access control systems offer a multifaceted and versatile approach to security. Such systems, however, are only as thorough as their upkeep. In order to keep your access control system up to date and working effectively, you must be sure to conduct regular system audits and have your system periodically serviced by a professional proximity card supplier.