Best Ways to Prevent Unauthorized Entry to Your Business

Best Ways to Prevent Unauthorized Entry to Your Business

by Mike Boehm on February 15, 2023

As technology becomes more advanced and available, it has become increasingly more important for businesses to employ sufficient security measures to keep their employees and products safe. One of the biggest concerns in the modern business industry is unauthorized entry into company buildings and facilities where important products and intellectual property is kept. This article will show the best 5 ways to prevent unauthorized entry into your business through the use of an access control system.


Access Control System

An access control system is a security system that is integrated into the entire business and is designed to deny any unauthorized individuals access to the company building. Access control systems are most effective when they are installed and used correctly and when they are employed as part of the day to day operations of employees. Out of all the security options that are available to businesses, access control systems have the benefit of being both highly secure and relatively inexpensive. The following five aspects of access control systems are what enable them to protect employees and your company’s products.


Door Control

The first and perhaps most obvious way access control systems are used to prevent unauthorized entry into businesses is by securing the physical entry points of the company building. Logistically, this isn’t as simple as making sure every door is locked and every employee has a key to enter. Because physical key copies can get lost, misplaced, or stolen rather easily, they do not totally ensure the security of the building—anyone with a key has access to the building, even if they are not technically authorized. Moreover, with a standard lock-and-key system alone, there is no way of knowing who enters the building. Access control systems, on the other hand, utilize building access cards to not only ensure that only authorized individuals will be granted access to the building, but they are even able to keep track of who accesses the building and when. As such, access control systems are the absolute best way to establish door control.


Building Access Cards

Proximity cards are personalized and programmed for each individual employee in the company. Not only does using a proximity card grant employees entrance into their company building, but they also serve as badge IDs for company employees. Upon an employee’s start date at an organization that utilizes an access control system, they are issued a proximity card that not only has that employee’s name, job title, picture, and other applicable information printed on it, but the building access card is also programmed with a unique identity that corresponds to that individual employee. Moreover, a proximity card can be programmed to only work for specific entry points both outside and inside the organization, allowing companies to establish different levels of clearance for their employees. Only company-issued building proximity cards will grant an individual entry to the building, which allows an organization to run a tight ship and prevent unauthorized entry. Additionally, a major upside to door entry systems and building access cards is that these cards are fairly inexpensive (especially when bought in bulk) and are readily available from proximity card suppliers.


Security Cameras

Generally, a proximity card supplier will also sell other forms of access control items such as security cameras. Though security cameras are obviously unable to physically deter someone from entering a facility, their mere presence deters most criminals. Moreover, security cameras are like an insurance policy in the unfortunate case that an unauthorized user does somehow break into the building. They are most useful when placed near door entries or your most valuable products to deter theft as well—both by customers or bad employees. Generally, they are easily integrated into your access control system as well. For example, it is possible to set up an access control system such that the security cameras to begin recording when they detect movement, or even when a company card is used at an entry point. In any case, security cameras are an additional layer of security that deter bad actors and allow companies to have a visual record of individuals entering and exiting the building.


Employee Training

Another great way to prevent unauthorized access in your organization is by training your employees on how to properly use the access control system in your organization. Without proper training, employees can make simple yet costly mistakes such as propping a door open, using one building access card for multiple people, or opening the door for any ‘Random Joe.’ In order for your access control system to function as an effective security measure, everyone in your organization needs to adapt to and work with it. Even the simplest of mistakes could easily allow for unauthorized entry.



Lastly, auditing is an excellent practice for a company to employ in when it comes to preventing unauthorized access. Performing audits of the access control system ensures that the corporation is doing its duty by keeping tabs on who currently works at their company. It could be easy to forget a small but necessary task such as deactivating a terminated employee’s proximity card. If the employee’s building access card is not terminated, the terminated employee would still be able to enter the building, potentially putting your organization in jeopardy. Additionally, if an employee gets relocated to a different office, it is also best practice to deactivate their card from working at their old building. Audits should be done regularly to ensure that the access control system is up-to-date.



These five categories all show how necessary an access control system is to a company’s security. By securing door entryways, suppling proximity cards to all authorized employees, and incorporating security cameras, access control systems help ensure that a company building is safe and secure. Access control systems are also relatively cost-effective due to the may proximity card suppliers that are available. But remember: To run a truly efficient access control system, it is important to train your employees and keep your system up to date, all of which leads your business to being more secure and denying unauthorized entry.