5 Ways Implementing an Access Control System Reduces Cost

5 Ways Implementing an Access Control System Reduces Cost

by Mike Boehm on December 09, 2022

Access control systems are increasingly more common in facilities and markets worldwide. This article will reflect on the 5 ways implementing an access control system can reduce company costs while still securing your product and employees.

1) Access Cards 

Implementing door entry key cards is a low cost way of ensuring each employee has access to what they need within the facility. Door entry cards average as low as $1.65ea when bought in bulk quantities. By contrast, the average cost to re-key a lock is roughly $30. Thus, by using building key cards, there is less cost when it comes to re-securing your facility after an employee is terminated. Instead of having to re-key every single lock, you can simply deny the terminated employee’s card access to the building. Additionally, when a card gets lost, it is easily replaceable at a low cost.

2) Improved Security

With an access control system and continuous use of building key cards, it is less likely for a theft to occur in your facility. The use of an access control system through door entry cards and fobs will ensure that only employees are in the building. This helps protect your company’s product and employees. By having an access control system, you can protect thousands of dollars worth of product. Additionally, when employees feel safe at work, they are likely to be more productive.

3) System Integration

An access control system works throughout your whole facility and can even help control thermostats and lights within the building. For example, you can program your lights to automatically turn off after 6:00 and thermostats to be turned down. This will help reduce electricity bills within your company. Building key cards can be used to turn off/on systems within the facility. Access control systems also reduce the need for multiple passwords for different employees, since such access information is already programmed into the cards.

4) Problematic Employees

Building key cards can be programmed to each employee. This means that, depending on the number of access points within the facility, you can closely monitor what each employee does during the day. Eventually you can create a database that will show you which employee was late and how often they were late. You can even track down stolen product or poor quality control by looking at whose building key card was used last in certain parts of the facility. This will help ensure employee productivity and product control is at its best.

5) Low Maintenance

Access control systems are easily manageable and require low third party maintenance. This means they are easy to learn and manage without having to outsource work. Additionally, if parts are broken, a new part can be easily found in today’s market at a low cost. Just as door entry cards are reasonably priced, so too are other common access control parts and pieces that may eventually need to be replaced.