5 Risks Associated With Poor Security at Your Company

5 Risks Associated With Poor Security at Your Company

by Mike Boehm on September 27, 2022

Security is important at every company, and laxing on your protection can leave you open to a variety of risks and dangers. While it might not seem like it, your company is a lot better off with extra protection and security. Here are just a few risks associated with poor security at your company.

Random Vandalism

No matter how fancy or tall, buildings are subject to vandalism by random strangers. From spray paint to broken glass, vandalism is a serious crime and an issue in many places. Good security and proper lighting can reduce vandalism incidents and protect your building while saving you money.

Assaults on Employees

While assaults are infrequent, you can prevent major accidents with good security. Whether it’s a targeted assault or someone getting angry in the moment, a good access control system can prevent the fight from breaking out in the first place.

Physical Robbery

Every company needs to worry about robbery, as it can cost thousands of dollars and put many people at risk. Protecting your building and products can be difficult, especially if you let customers in to see your products. That’s why access systems that utilize proximity cards to lock certain areas from the public can protect your valuable items.

Cyber Theft

Cyber theft is becoming more and more prevalent as companies switch to digital systems, but the switch is necessary to keep up with the competition. That’s why cyber security is such a big part of protecting your company. Keeping your information and data safe from hackers is important for any company.

Corporate Espionage

While not every company will face this issue, it can be a huge problem when another company wants to take your information. Combating espionage isn’t easy but creating systems to hide your information and only giving it out to those who need it is a great start. The crux of this is using access control to stop the free access to your most valuable and vulnerable data. Which is why this is a great risk for companies with poor security.

Increasing security at your company will help prevent all these issues and increase the safety of your workers and valuables. Many companies put a lot of money into their security to protect themselves and their assets.