What to Know About Access Control Integration with CCTV

What to Know About Access Control Integration with CCTV

by Mike Boehm on May 23, 2024

With a wide range of security options available to your business, it’s important to invest in reliable systems when it comes to protecting your employees, assets, and sensitive information. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) plays an integral role in monitoring your business during the day and overnight. At AuthorizID, we offer a wide range of contactless access control cards designed to seamlessly integrate with your business’s video surveillance systems to give you comprehensive around-the-clock coverage.


Access Control Cards

Access control cards are designed to improve the security of your business’s entrances and exits by allowing you to limit access to authorized personnel only.  We offer a wide range of access control cards, including RFID 125 KHz proximity cards, adhesive tags, and magstripe cards, designed to meet diverse security needs. Our cards provide secure, contactless access and scalable integration with virtually any existing security system.


Access Control Integration with CCTV

Proximity card authorization adds an essential layer of safety to your business’s security system. Integrating CCTV can make your business even more secure, especially when it comes to monitoring key entrances and exits. Once you have ensured compatibility between your CCTV system and our access control cards, integrating the two is a straightforward process that can be done simply and quickly with the right planning.



If done well, here are just some of the many benefits integrating access control cards with CCTV will have for your business:

  1. Comprehensive Security: The combination of controlled entry through access cards and video surveillance via CCTV creates a comprehensive security ecosystem with real-time monitoring and proactive threat detection.
  2. Incident Response: With CCTV and monitored access to your premises, you will be able to thoroughly detect any suspicious activity, allowing authorities to quickly identify and respond to security incidents and attempted unauthorized access.
  3. Accountability: Access control integration with CCTV allows you to match your entrance/exit access records with corresponding video footage, promoting accountability and creating additional layers of evidence and protection.


Enhanced Security Through Integration

When it comes to your business, safety is a top priority. Pairing your CCTV system with our access control cards gives you the enhanced security and improved monitoring you need to ensure comprehensive coverage for your business. Synchronizing access control events with CCTV footage lets you see who is accessing specific areas and when, which in turn allows you quickly identify and respond to suspicious activity in real time.