What to Do When Access Cards Are Lost or Stolen

What to Do When Access Cards Are Lost or Stolen

by Mike Boehm on February 06, 2024

If one of your proximity badges is missing (even if you do not believe it to have been stolen), your access control system may be left compromised, causing the security of your business to be at risk. In the event one or more of your facility’s proximity badges becomes misplaced, it is imperative to take swift and decisive action to mitigate potential safety risks. Here's a comprehensive guide on what to do:

  1. Report the Loss/Theft: To prevent unauthorized access to your facility, report your lost or stolen proximity badge to your business’ relevant security personnel as soon as possible. They should be able to handle the deactivation of the missing access card and allow you to begin the process of getting a new one. This is an important step to take as it will eliminate the possibility of unauthorized entry to your business. (In the event your security team is unable to deactivate the missing proximity badge, it may be necessary for you to contact the issuer directly.)
  2. Replace Your Missing Access Card: Once your missing access card has been reported lost or stolen, your business’ security administrator or other relevant personnel will be able to guide you through the process of getting a replacement proximity badge via the standard identity verification protocols established by your business. If you are ineligible to receive a new access card, you may have to follow up with your superiors.
  3. Employee Education and Training: Proper employee education is essential to maintaining the security and integrity of your business. If your workplace/facility is experiencing a high rate of lost or stolen access cards, you may want to consider implementing additional training workshops to emphasize the importance of employee vigilance and ensure adherence to your company’s security protocols.
  4. Consider Additional Security Measures: The safety and wellbeing of your employees is not to be taken for granted. If multiple incidents of lost/stolen access cards occur, it may be necessary to consider the implementation of additional security measures to keep your workplace safe. This may include the addition of up-to-date alarms systems, third-party security assessments, or new multi-factor authentication policies. It’s prudent to reassess your facility’s safety measures if you believe the security of your workplace is at risk.

The loss or theft of even one of your company’s access cards can be concerning. Follow the above recommendations to maintain the integrity of your access control system, minimize security risks, and ensure the overall safety of your workplace. For additional questions, reach out to your business’ security team or contact the issuer of your security badges directly.