Upgrading Security with Compatible Credentials –  Rosslare Access Control Systems

Upgrading Security with Compatible Credentials – Rosslare Access Control Systems

by Mike Boehm on July 31, 2023

Rosslare is a globally recognized leader in the field of access control solutions. For over 40 years, Rosslare has been delivering trusted solutions, drawing on its rich global presence and implementation experience. The company offers one of the broadest off-the-shelf product portfolios on the market that includes controllers, readers, biometric terminals, credentials, accessories, and guard patrol systems, all supported by advanced and flexible software systems. 

This comprehensive offering has earned Rosslare worldwide recognition as a provider of high-quality end-to-end access control solutions. According to Rosslare, the company understands the mission-critical need to protect physical assets, facilities, and personnel from a range of potential threats. 


Rosslare's Reader Models

Rosslare has an impressive array of proximity reader options, with approximately 40 different models to choose from. The most popular models are part of their Prox and GoPROX product lines, which operate at 125 kHz and have read distances between 3.5 cm (1.4") to 60 cm (23.6’’), depending on the model.

Each reader model is designed with a commitment to quality and security, with UV and water-resistant construction. The different models are compatible with an equally compatible range of credentials, including: 

  • 26-bit Wiegand
  • 56 MHz MIFARE® DESFire®EV1 & MIFARE Plus®
  • 56 MHz MIFARE Classic® EV1
  • UHF Alien Higgs-3
  • 125 kHz EM and Temic
  • BLE-ID Mobile Credentials App
  • Mobile Credentials SDK

Furthermore, depending on your choice of reader,  your organization can gain access to powerful features that include event-based links, multi-credential access, automatic door scheduling, email notifications on access events, muster reader, site lockdown, automatic report generation, visitor management, forced door detection, time and attendance tracking, among others.


AxTraxNG – Rosslare's Access Control Software

To complement their hardware, Rosslare has developed AxTraxNG, a complete server-client software management system that enables the setting of physical access control policies for your organization. Available in multiple languages and date formats, AxTraxNG can manage thousands of networked access control panels and system users. 

It allows for the management of users, information fields, photos, access credentials, and user-related access policies from a central server with multiple workstations (clients). This centralized approach simplifies the management process and ensures consistency across the organization. 

In terms of security, AxTraxNG has built-in software security with an encrypted database that protects all private user personal data, access policy rules, and logged events. This ensures a secure audit trail and helps organizations comply with data protection regulations. 

Constantly improved and updated, AxTraxNG provides continuous support and development. The software management system is fully scalable, enabling the implementation of projects from a single to thousands of access points. It also allows easy integration with any third-party software and tools using a dedicated SDK.


Compatible Credentials from AUTHORIZ-id

If your organization is already using Rosslare’s readers and software or is considering investing in Rosslare’s product offerings, you may be looking for a long-term economical solution for credentials. 

AUTHORIZ-id carries a range of cards, key fobs proximity stickers and wristbands that work seamlessly with Rosslare's reader models. Available in many styles and designed with convenience in mind, these fobs are coin-sized and come with a keychain attachment, which greatly minimizes the chances of misplacement and the subsequent need for replacements. 

Opting for key fobs over proximity cards also brings an added layer of convenience and durability to the table. Each fob is encased in a sturdy plastic shell, and since they're usually attached to a user's keys or worn on a lanyard, they're always within easy reach. 

Our key fobs can be purchased in a variety of quantities, ranging from 2 to 300, to suit the specific needs of your business. Please reach us at support@authoriz-id.com or by phone at (970) 682-0765 if you have any questions about our Rosslare-compatible 26-bit key fobs. Our talented and experienced support team would be happy to help your business discover if AUTHORIZ-id is the right credential solution.