Everything You Need to Know About UHPPOTE + Finding Compatible Credentials and Readers

Everything You Need to Know About UHPPOTE + Finding Compatible Credentials and Readers

by Mike Boehm on September 19, 2023

Modern security thrives on RFID access control systems. High-end systems often boast advanced encryption, longer reading ranges, and seamless integration with other security platforms. However, these premium features come at a cost. For smaller businesses or those looking to cut costs – more affordable RFID options are alluring, even if they offer fewer features.


UHPPOTE, an affordable option originating from China, is readily available on Amazon. Its presence on the platform makes it an attractive and hassle-free choice for businesses seeking a straightforward purchase and direct delivery to their door.


Unfortunately, UHPPOTE is missing many of the core features found in other big-name access control systems like HID Global.  Notably, UHPPOTE doesn't provide comprehensive software to assist users in managing credentials or gathering data. Although they do offer sets equipped with access control boards compatible with Access and SQL databases, these don't measure up to the capabilities of more sophisticated systems. Instead, most of these systems are run off the keypads themselves.

RFID Card Readers

From a technical standpoint, UHPPOTE RFID card readers function across multiple frequencies, including 13.56 MHz and 125 kHz, and utilize the Wiegand 26-bit or 34-bit formats. While specific part numbers aren't provided, here's a glimpse into some of the available options:


  • UHPPOTE 13.56MHz Wiegand 34 bit RFIC IC Card Reader
  • UHPPOTE Proximity RFID Card Reader 125KHz Wiegand 26/34 bits 


Keypad Card Readers

As highlighted earlier, UHPPOTE provides card readers equipped with keypads. This feature allows businesses to choose from three distinct access modes: RFID card only, password only, or a combination of RFID card and password.


Here are some of UHPPOTE’s keypad options:


  • UHPPOTE Waterproof IP68 Metal Case Stand-Alone Access Control Keypad with Wiegand 26 bit Interface for 125khz RFID Card 
  • UHPPOTE Door Keypad Access Control Kit with Electric Fail-Secure Strike Lock


Need Compatible Cards or Readers?

Although UHPPOTE's access control products aren't our top recommendation, given the superior systems available in the market, we understand that many businesses have opted for UHPPOTE readers or cards for cost-saving reasons.


If your business is looking to buy replacement credentials, Authoriz-ID is your complete source of affordable commercial access control credentials. We have a range of credentials in a wide range of quantities that are seamlessly compatible with UHPPOTE's 26-bit EM card readers:


  • Traditional Clamshell Cards
  • Printable Cards
  • Key Fobs in both blue and sleek black
  • Adhesive Tags
  • Adjustable Blue Proximity Wristbands


Still, worried about compatibility? Don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team at 970-682-0765 or drop us an email at support@authoriz-id.com. We're here to address all your concerns. We can also offer complimentary samples to guarantee the perfect fit of our 26-bit EM credentials for your needs before you commit to a bulk purchase.


Looking for cards and key fobs that are compatible with UHPPOTE?