The Importance of Access Control Systems in Hospitals

The Importance of Access Control Systems in Hospitals

by Josh Murray on May 09, 2022

A hospital is not only a place for wellness and healing—it’s also a sensitive environment filled with privileged information. Keep patients and staff feeling safe by installing access control at the front doors and any office or storage area that needs extra security. Learn the importance of proximity badges in connection with access control systems in hospitals and how to boost the security of your hospital.

Protect Your Patients

Hospitals contain secure computer systems that hold their patients’ medical profiles. HIPAA requires that all personal health information remain protected and confidential. An access control system will keep this information private.

In addition, some wards are more sensitive than others. An unauthorized person could carry contaminants into NICUs, maternity wards, or areas dedicated to treating COVID-19 patients. You can use building access systems to ensure that only authorized persons enter sensitive areas and well as use printed id proximity badges for an added level of security.

Protect Your Employees

Every employee deserves to work in a facility that cares about their safety. In recent years, doctors and other healthcare professionals have expressed concern about their patients’ safety and their own well-being. Prevent unauthorized entry by giving proximity badges to authorized individuals.  This not only prevents unauthorized entry into restricted areas through electronically controlled access doors, proximity badges can be used as printed id cards as well.

Elevate Your Reputation

A facility secured by touchless access control increases your hospital’s value and boosts its reputation. Patients and their families are more likely to use your hospital if you reassure them with extra security measures.  An access control system utilizing proximity card technology will do just that.

Protect Your Valuables

You may not have a bank vault or a cache of hidden gold in your hospital, but lifesaving medical equipment is just as valuable. Stolen medical supplies and crucial medications can be costly to replace, and your patients will feel the effects if they are lost. Consider limiting access to valuable medical equipment and supplies with an access control system.

With access control in place, all employees will be required to use proximity credentials to enter areas that need to be secured.  With every badge read at your designated access points, the time, location and card used is logged for future reference should an event occur.  The use of a security team monitoring live events on your access control software can also prevent valuable items from disappearing.

Monitor Your Traffic

Access control technology is easy to link to a computer system. By doing so, you can see how many people enter your facility in a day, and which doors they’re using. Focus your security on commonly-used entrances and exits, and monitor the movement of employees and visitors.  When security breaches occur, quickly determine who accessed the secured area utilizing access logs and reports.

Increase your hospital’s security, and you’ll see happier employees and more satisfied patients. Rest assured that your valuable medical equipment is under a strict digital lock and key with AuthorizID’s vast array of security solutions. The importance of access control systems in hospitals cannot be overstated, so boost your security now.