The Advantages of RFID Security Access Keys

The Advantages of RFID Security Access Keys

by Mike Boehm on October 15, 2022

It’s more important than ever for local companies to create flexible and reliable security systems for their businesses. With RFID technology, companies can build a versatile security system that is easy to use and highly customizable. RFID technology is an affordable solution that’s easy to implement and offers many key benefits.

RFID Explained

RFID, also known as radio-frequency identification, is a type of technology where digital data is encoded into various products that use radio waves to transmit information. RFID signals are coded into multiple products like key fobs, ID cards, tags, and smart labels, making these systems highly customizable.

Every RFID system is composed of three components: 

  1. An RFID product such as a tag, key fob, ID card
  2. An RFID reader
  3. An Antenna


The RFID tags house an integrated circuit and antenna. The integrated circuit is the customizable component that contains data such as ID information, product codes, security access keys, and more. The antenna on the RFID tag will transmit this data to the RFID reader, sometimes known as an interrogator.

The RFID reader converts the radio waves sent via the antenna into usable data. That data is then fed to a communications interface or software where the information is stored and analyzed. Different products will use this data differently.

RFID technology is widely used across different sectors, such as manufacturing, retail, logistics, construction, engineering, and more. For instance, RFID tags on clothes can alert security systems when an item is stolen. RFID ID cards can also allow or prevent employee access to specific areas. 

The Benefits of Using RFID Technology in Your Business

With nearly every sector incorporating RFID technology in some way or another, there are plenty of undeniable and proven benefits of the tech.

Highly Secure

Data on RFID products like ID cards, key fobs, and RFID tags are incredibly secure. Because RFID systems require specialized equipment to read the data, these products create safe security systems.

This feature is excellent for companies that require employees to have access to restricted areas by their nature. As long as employees keep RFID products securely, companies can ensure that security access is only limited to the right people. These systems can be nearly impenetrable when paired with other safeguards like security checkpoints and facial identification.

Offers Convenience

RFID products are affordable, easy to use, and convenient to carry around. Many products are designed to be convenient to have on your person. For instance, RFID ID cards are the same size as credit cards and easily fit in your wallet. RFID key fobs and tags are also convenient to strap onto your personal belongings like your backpack, personal bag, or car keys.

With most RFID products being small items like ID cards, wristbands, key fobs, and tags, they can easily be attached to your everyday belongings, so they’re not forgotten or misplaced.


Any piece of RFID technology can be programmed to work with multiple locks. This is perfect for companies where each employee will have security access to different areas. Because these systems are so customizable, companies can create their security strategies.

Additionally, because these products allow for customizable access to various security points, companies can limit one product to one employee. Rather than creating a special ID card for each access point, employees can use the same RFID product.

Data Tracking

Each time an RFID product is scanned to access an area, that data can be stored and analyzed. Businesses can use this data to understand all types of workflows, security risks, and customer insights by creating a system that requires RFID technology to access various points.

A popular use case for RFID tags is at fitness gyms. When customers scan their customized ID cards with their personal information, gyms can track customer data to understand popular times, customer demographics, and more. Further, businesses can also track their employees and identify if any employee accesses the area at inappropriate times.

The Risks of RFID Security Systems 

While RFID systems are incredibly secure and reliable, no system is perfect. With many businesses worldwide using RFID technology, it’s essential to understand the risks.

Lost Products

Similar to traditional lock and critical systems, employees regularly misplace their keycards. This common occurrence can create added expenses and hassle for employers. However, these products are mostly inexpensive and easy to replace. 

Hacker Vulnerabilities

While RFID systems are incredibly secure, savvy hackers can still find their way to break into systems. Because of this, it’s important to remind employees to keep their RFID products in secure locations and immediately report whenever an RFID product goes missing.

RFID Requires Power

One of the most significant issues with RFID tech is that they require power to work. During power outages, RFID systems can shut down and leave areas exposed. This can act as a security weak point that can allow hackers access to secure locations, lockers, and more.

For companies that require high levels of security, it’s always best to create contingency plans. This may require companies to have backup generators or combine RFID systems with other security systems in sensitive areas.

Expensive Setup Costs

While RFID products are inexpensive, building an RFID security system can be costly. RFID systems require locks to be wired to secured servers and a computer where access can be programmed, controlled, and logged.

Further, these server computers should be connected to the internet for easy use. If not, these systems can still work but will require time-based access restrictions that must be manually changed and are harder to customize.

Finding a Trusted Partner

With RFID technology being the most popular security system in the world, businesses should aim to partner with a trusted supplier. At Authoriz-ID, we specialize in working with companies to create intelligent and customizable security systems that work for them.

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