Spotlight on Paxton Access Control Software and Readers + Where to Find Credentials?

Spotlight on Paxton Access Control Software and Readers + Where to Find Credentials?

by Mike Boehm on January 04, 2024

Paxton, established nearly four decades ago, is a prominent player in the security industry, specializing in the creation and distribution of advanced security systems for a variety of use sectors, including educational institutions, healthcare facilities, retail spaces, and more. Paxton’s influence spans across 12 countries, with product exports reaching over 60 countries worldwide.

Dedication to fostering positive relationships is at the core of Paxton’s ethos, as seen in their comprehensive training programs, exceptional customer support, generous 5-year warranty, and straightforward returns policy. This commitment to excellence and ease of interaction solidifies Paxton’s standing as a reliable and user-friendly option in the realm of security solutions, ensuring clients and dealers alike can trust in their products and services.

Net2 Access Control Software

Net2 is Paxton’s advanced PC-based access control solution designed to be intuitive and straightforward. It offers centralized administration for sites with up to 1,000 doors and 50,000 users. 

Paxton's Net2 comes in two distinct versions to cater to different needs: the Net2 Lite, a complimentary offering perfect for the majority of sites requiring standard access control functionalities, and the Net2 Pro, which provides additional advanced and flexible features/

Key Features

  • Live Events and Reporting – Real-time event monitoring and historical data access, with both pre-defined and customizable reporting options. 
  • Open Door Function – Control access to doors directly from your PC, individually or in groups. 
  • Unlimited Client Workstations – Install the software on multiple PCs at no extra cost for widespread accessibility. 
  • Multiple Operator Levels – Accommodate numerous users, each with distinct security access levels. 
  • User Image Verification and Custom Days – Strengthen security with visual identity confirmation and create specific time periods for events or extended hours. 
  • Temporary Access Rights and Site Graphics – Assign temporary access permissions and visualize door statuses and alarms with 2D site images. 
  • Triggers & Actions and Anti-Passback – Automate system responses to events and prevent token sharing for entry. 
  • Security Lockdown and Turnstile Mode – Implement emergency lockdowns while maintaining movement for specific personnel and efficiently control bi-directional turnstiles. 
  • Timesheet & Timeline and Areas – Log employee hours with proximity readers and simplify access management on larger sites by grouping doors into areas. 
  • Who is In? and Card Designer – Keep track of user locations and personalize access tokens with employee details. 
  • Customizable Welcome Page and Advanced Operator Permissions – Brand your welcome screen and set user administration restrictions for shared buildings. 
  • Roll Call & Muster Reporting – Quickly generate user location reports for emergencies.


Paxton10 is a platform that merges access control and video management into a seamless, single solution. The platform brings together events and video footage in one centralized location, significantly streamlining site management and bolstering security measures.

Users are granted the flexibility to choose between the Paxton10 PRO and CORE series of cameras, each designed to meet varying needs and preferences.

  • The PRO series boasts 256GB of in-built storage, 8MP resolution, and a varifocal option, ensuring ease of installation and configuration when paired with a Paxton10 system. 
  • The CORE series maintains the same high-quality build as the PRO series but at a more budget-friendly price point, offering 4MP resolution and 64GB of built-in storage.

Paxton Readers

Paxton has an extensive range of access control readers that includes proximity, desktop, Paxton10-specific, and even long-range readers. To avoid getting too long in the tooth, we aren’t going to go into great detail about specific readers. But we’ve included the sale code and a link to make it easier for you to find these readers if you have any interest in purchasing:

Proximity Readers 

  • PROXIMITY Metal Reader – Available in Chrome (390-727-US) and Satin Chrome (390-747-US) 
  • PROXIMITY P38 Reader (333-110-US) – Also available in a Compact version (333-210-US) 
  • PROXIMITY P50 Reader (353-467-US) – Available in a Compact version (353-210-US) and Mullion Mount version (345-220-US).
  • PROXIMITY P75 Reader (373-110-US) – Also available in a Compact version (373-210-US) 
  • PROXIMITY KP50 Keypad (355-110-US) – Also available with Genuine HID Technology™ (400-250-US) 
  • PROXIMITY KP75 Keypad (375-110-US) – Also available with Genuine HID Technology™ (400-275-US)  
  • PROXIMITY Compact Vandal Proof Reader (326-735-US) 
  • PROXIMITY Marine Reader (500-010-US) – Also available with Genuine HID Technology™ (400-190-US) 
  • PROXIMITY Architectural Reader – Available in Dark Grey (360-864GG-US) and Satin Chrome (360-864SC-US)
  • PROXIMITY P200 (323-110-US) – Available in a Metal Mount version (324-110-US)   


  • Paxton10 Slimline Reader (010-296-US) 
  • Paxton10 Reader Keypad US (010-721-US)      
  • Paxton10 VR Reader (010-254-US) 
  • Paxton10 Desktop Reader (010-387-US)


  • Desktop Reader with Keyboard Output, USB (214-326-US) 
  • Net2 Desktop Reader, Proximity and Magstripe USB (350-910-US) 
  • Net2 Desktop Reader, USB (514-326-US)


  • Energy Saving Reader (595-248-US) 
  • Long Range Reader (313-110-US)

Paxton Intercom Entry Panels

In addition to a long list of credential readers, Paxton also manufactures Intercom entry panels that are equipped to read EM, Paxton, & MIFARE credentials. If you are to install an intercom system, you can learn more about Paxton’s offerings here.

Seeking Credentials Compatible with Paxton Readers?

Whether you are on the hunt for key cards, fobs, wristbands, adhesive tags, or customizable printable cards tailored for Paxton readers and entry panels, we have an extensive selection to meet your needs. AUTHORIZid prides itself on offering all the major credential formats you could ever need at an affordable price. 

Paxton readers are versatile and support various credential formats. For those utilizing Paxton’s low-frequency 125 KHz readers, we have credentials available in the 26-bit H10301 format and the 26-bit EM format. 

Alternatively, if your Paxton setup requires high-frequency 13.56 MHz credentials, rest assured that we also have you covered. Check out our smart card options here! 

Our team is on standby 24/7 at (970) 682-0765 or via email at, ready to assist you with any inquiries or to help you navigate through your options to find the perfect solution.