Keyscan C15001 Format, 36-bit Cards, and HID C1325

Keyscan C15001 Format, 36-bit Cards, and HID C1325

by Mike Boehm on August 18, 2023

Keyscan, HID Global, and Farpointe are all prominent players in the access control industry, and they have a relationship based on compatibility and integration of their products. 

Keyscan access control systems are designed to work with HID's 125kHz proximity readers. This means that HID's series of 125kHz readers function seamlessly with Keyscan access control systems. These HID proximity readers are compatible with Keyscan, Farpointe, and HID 125 kHz credentials, providing a reliable and affordable solution with a host of features.


Keyscan C15001 Format

The Keyscan 36-bit format is unique and exclusive to Keyscan, offering a high level of security for Keyscan system users. This format is supposed to be closed and restricted, meaning that Keyscan wants its 36-bit format credentials to be available exclusively through Keyscan or its partners like HID. 

In reality, there are numerous third-party vendors that provide compatible credentials. These vendors have reverse-engineered the format to produce compatible cards and key fobs, providing users with more options and often at a lower cost.


High Security

The 36-bit format provides a high level of security due to the large number of possible combinations. In a 36-bit format, there are 2^36, or approximately 68.7 billion, unique combinations. This vast number of combinations makes it extremely difficult for unauthorized individuals to duplicate or forge the credentials. 

In comparison, a 16-bit format, which only has 2^16 or 65,536 unique combinations, is much easier to crack due to the significantly lower number of possibilities.


More Facility Codes, More Card Numbers

The Keyscan 36-bit format allows for a wide range of internal Facility Codes and Card Numbers. The Facility Code can be any number between 0 and 255, and the Card Number can be any number between 1 and 65,535. 

This flexibility allows for a large number of unique identifiers within a single facility, making it suitable for larger organizations or those with complex access control needs. In contrast, a 16-bit format would offer significantly fewer unique identifiers, limiting its applicability in larger or more complex environments.


Ease of Integration

Keyscan’s proprietary format is designed to work seamlessly with HID's 125kHz proximity readers. The data encoded in the 36-bit format can be easily read and interpreted by these readers, facilitating the integration of Keyscan systems into existing security infrastructures.


Keyscan Format 36-bit Proximity Cards

Each of the proximity cards, tags, or fobs located within this section is universally compatible with Keyscan, HID, or Farpointe 125 kHz readers, including the Keyscan K-PROX2, K-KPR, K-VAN, PX-605, and K-PROX3 readers.


Farpointe PSM-2P-H Proximity Card

The PSM-2P-H proximity card supports printable ISO graphics. With a read range of up to 6.5 inches (165 mm), this card also supports MAXSecure™, Wiegand, and Slot-Punch Eyelet. Comes with a One Year Warranty. 

*The H denotes that this RFID card/tag works with certain HID 125 kHz proximity protocols. 

Keyscan CS125-36 Proximity Card

The Keyscan CS125-36 standard proximity clamshell cards have a read range of up to 4 inches (10.16 cm) and include a Slot-Punch Eyelet. 

Farpointe PDT-1-H Proximity Disk Adhesive Tag

PDT-1-H is an adhesive disc tag that offers a read range of up to 6.5 inches (165 mm) and supports MAXSecure™ and Wiegand. Comes with a Lifetime Warranty. 

*The H denotes that this RFID card/tag works with certain HID 125 kHz proximity protocols. 

Farpointe PSK-3-H Proximity Key Fob

The PSK-3-H is a Farpointe key fob that offers a read range of up to 4.5 inches (114 mm) and supports MAXSecure™, Wiegand, and Eyelet. Comes with a Lifetime Warranty. 

*The H denotes that this RFID card/tag works with certain HID 125 kHz proximity protocols. 

HID C1325 Proximity Card

The HID C1325 Proximity Card is another popular choice. It is a standard proximity card designed by HID Global that uses the Keyscan 36-bit format. Here are some detailed specifications for the HID-C1325 Standard Proximity Card: 

  • Size – 3.385" x 2.135" x 0.075" (8.6 x 5.4 x 0.17 cm) 
  • Typical Maximum Read Range
    • HID-6005B: 2 - 3" (5.1-7.6 cm)
    • HID-5365: 4 - 5.5" (10.2-14.0 cm)
    • HID-5395: 4 - 5.5 (10.2 – 14.0 cm)
    • HID-5455 and HID-5355KP: 6 - 9" (14-20.3 cm)
    • HID-5375: 16 – 29" (40.6-73.7cm) 
  • Warranty – Lifetime


AUTHORIZ-id Compatible Credentials

If you're in search of third-party credentials that align seamlessly with the Keyscan 36-bit C15001 format and function identically to models such as PSM-2P-H, CS125-36, PDT-1-H, and PSK-3-H, AUTHORIZ-id is your solution. 

Our cards are fully compatible with various Keyscan reader models, including K-PROX2, K-KPR, K-VAN, PX-605, and K-PROX3. Trust AUTHORIZ-id to meet your access control needs with precision and reliability. 

AUTHORIZ-id offers a flexible range of quantities for our cards, from as few as 2 to as many as 200. When ordering, you also have the option to customize the facility code. While the default facility code is 64, we understand the importance of personalized security measures and allow you to input your preferred facility code and will have that set up before shipping. 

Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist. Whether you have questions about compatibility or any other inquiries, our trained support members are here to help. You can reach us via email at or by phone at (970) 682-0765.

We hope you consider AUTHORIZ-id as your new partner in affordable, hassle-free proximity card credentials.