I Need to Clone My Key Fob. Now What?

I Need to Clone My Key Fob. Now What?

by Mike Boehm on April 19, 2023

If you’ve never lost your keys, phone, or wallet, stop reading; this article isn’t meant for you. But if you’re part of the 99.9% of humanity who has spent way too long searching for lost keys, stick around. 

We have all lost our keys before, whether they’ve been trapped under a lonely couch cushion or left at a bar. If you’re lucky, you have a spare key hidden in the backyard or at a friend’s house. But the worst-case scenario is misplacing a key fob. 

Proximity key fobs and ID Cards are popular security tools to allow access to apartment buildings, offices, or other secured areas. But most of the time, you only get one, and losing it will cost you. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of businesses that can copy proximity key fobs, giving people a backup in case things go missing. So if you need to clone your key fob, here’s what you should know.


Why Should I Clone My Key Fob?

With the widespread use of proximity key fobs and ID Cards, there are plenty of reasons you may want to create a copy.


Misplaced Key Fobs

One of the most common places you’ll encounter a key fob is at an HOA or apartment building. These residential properties often require residents to have a key fob to access the building, creating a safer environment. However, if you somehow lose your key fob, you can expect to pay $30 to $80+ to replace the key fob. 

To avoid these egregious fees, many HOA and apartment building residents have cloned their key fobs or ID Cards to avoid paying exorbitant fees to the building managers. While cloning a proximity key fob costs money, it’s typically far less than going to your property manager.


Providing Access

In many cases, users clone their proximity key fobs to grant security access to multiple individuals. For instance, if your apartment requires key fob access, you may want to clone the key fob to give access to additional roommates, friends, and family. 

Cloning your key fob or ID Card can also be useful in commercial settings. Property owners that offer short-term listing on sites like Airbnb may want to clone their key fob access to make it easy for guests to access the property. 

Office managers may want copy key fob access as well. Some office buildings and workplaces only have one security access point, where personalized security access isn’t required for each employee. For small- and medium-sized businesses, cloning key fobs can be a cost-effective way to provide security access for workers.


Is There a Downside?

While cloning your proximity key fob is a quick, affordable solution, there are some things to consider before cloning your security access.


Don’t Break the Rules

The point of key fobs and ID Cards is to create a secure environment. If anyone can make a copy of a key fob, then that home or office becomes less secure. Most places that provide key fob access will explicitly tell you whether you can or cannot clone your key fob or ID Card. 

Although many properties prefer to control this process, plenty of property managers allow users to create a key fob with permission. If you’re thinking about cloning your key fob, just ask! Most building managers will be willing to work with you.


Your Key Fob Could Get Lost in Transit

Despite putting a man on the moon, we have yet to perfect our mailing system. Key fob cloning isn’t a popular service, so you may have to send your key fob through the mail to create a copy. While losing your key fob in the mail is highly unlikely, the mail system has flaws. If you’re nervous about losing your key fob in transit, you may want to consider the risks.


Your Key Fob Could Fall Into the Wrong Hands

When you have the only key fob, you’re the only one to have access to a particular area. While it might be enticing to provide friends or family with a key fob to your apartment, your property is at risk of them losing a clone of your key fob or giving them a chance to tamper with your belongings. Before you provide a key fob to someone, make sure they are someone you can trust.


How to Clone a Proximity Key Fob or ID Card

If you want to clone your key fob or ID Card, the first step is finding a trusted security company. Authoriz-ID has a trusted team of security professionals and is a well-reviewed seller of many security products. Here’s what you’ll need to do. 


Step 1: Get Authorization

Reach out to your property manager and get approval to make a copy of your key fob or ID Card.


Step 2: Collect Documentation

Before you contact Authoriz-ID, you’ll need to get your documents in order. You will need proof of authorization that you can clone your key fob or ID Card for the given property. Send a picture of the authorization note with proof of residency. Examples of proof of residency can include a utility bill, lease, or similar documentation.


Step 3: Contact Authoriz-ID

Email the documents to support@authoriz-id.com, or head to our website and contact our customer support team. We can quickly grant you approval and start cloning your key fob.


Step 4: Send Your Key Fob To Us

Once approved, place your key fob in the mail and send it our way. We will have it back to you in no time!


Which Proximity Key Fobs and ID Cards can be Cloned? 

Before sending your proximity key fob or ID Card to us, let’s ensure that your security access can be copied.


Key Fobs

Nearly all types of key fobs can be copied. If you’re unsure, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team.


Awid Credentials

We can copy the most popular Awid Credential cards, including CS-AWID 26-bit, 34-bit, 37-bit, and 50 Bit.


Indala Credentials

Authoriz-ID can copy most types of Indala credentials.


Schlage Credentials

Our company can clone Schlage XceedID 7410 credentials and Schlage 7410, 7510, 8420, 8520, 8920, 9451, 9551, and 9951.


Pyramid Credentials

We can create copies of most pyramid credentials, including PSK-3, PSK-3-H (HID), and PSK-3-A (AWID).


Keri K-Series & MS Credentials

We can clone credentials, including KC-10X, KC-26X, KT-10X, and MT-10XP.



Our company can clone Doorking DKS 1508-120 and DK Prox credentials, including DKS, IDTECK, 1508-121, 1508-112, 1508-123, 1508-111, and 1508-129.