How To Improve Physical Security in Your Office Building

How To Improve Physical Security in Your Office Building

by Mike Boehm on September 16, 2022

While cyber security is particularly important to many businesses, the physical security of a building is also something companies will need to consider. Protecting the premises from trespassers and keeping your documents safe from unauthorized access requires reliable physical security. Read on to explore a few ways you can approach improving the physical security in your office building.

Determine Your Perimeters

The first thing you should do is determine the perimeter of your building, as it informs the rest of your decisions. Any efforts outside of this perimeter won’t benefit your company nearly as well as improved security inside that area. You should also take the time to divide your office into zones that indicate restrictions and necessary authorizations.

Install Exterior Structures

It’s time to install some protections around your building once you know your perimeter. Things like fences can keep most people out of your space and prevent most trespassing incidents, especially accidental ones. You can also install a guard post to place a security guard who will better protect your exterior and control who can access your property.

Invest in Lighting

Lighting is crucial for preventing crime and enabling security systems. Lighting deters a lot of criminal activities as it’s easier to spot and catch criminals if there’s more light in the area. Additionally, video surveillance and security guards need good lighting to see their surroundings and properly record ongoing activities. Criminals have a much easier time around buildings with ineffective lighting.

Utilize Access Control Systems

One immensely powerful tool to help protect your building is an access control system, as preventing access to the important parts of your office can keep your business safe. There are many different types of access control systems to choose from for your office, however. These are some of the more effective methods that’ll help you protect your office.

Control Entry and Exit Locations

Putting up a system that can limit access to your building isn’t that difficult if you start by limiting access to the entrances and exits of your space. Managing the funnels into and out of the property helps you control the flow of people through the area. Rather than trying to maintain a large space, focusing your efforts on these locations will save you resources and be significantly more efficient.

Hire Security Guards

While electric systems can be very effective, they aren’t a suitable solution for every kind of security risk. Security guards are a fantastic way to respond to threats with effective force. Setting up guards at key locations in your office means they can support your access control systems and respond quickly to any threats.

Install Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are another great way to deter people from doing something, as they’ll quickly find someone who shouldn’t be there. Linking these systems with lights can save energy in the long run and help improve the lighting around your building, making the area safer for everyone.

Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance can’t control access, but it can track events and changes and deter people from doing something wrong. Setting up cameras all around your office means you can keep an eye on the potential risks around the workplace and even catch people who do something wrong.

Electronic Key Systems

One way to stop people from accessing important places and documents is by installing an excellent electronic key system that only opens if you present the right key. These systems prevent access to vital places and items while also tracking usage. This way, you can tell who’s trying to get into places they shouldn’t go. Keep in mind that giving every employee these company access cards will require a knowledgeable and efficient card key supplier.

Granting Permissions

One of the big benefits of these electronic access systems is that you can grant permissions to people as you see fit. This ability is essential for creating complex and effective security systems without slowing down production at work. Permissions can be significant for businesses handling sensitive information or managing areas that need special care that still want the protection of an exemplary access control system.

Lock Up Your Items

Protecting your office doesn’t just mean improving security at the physical places—it also relates to safeguarding your sensitive information. If you have vital documentation or other things that not every position needs access to, you should store these items in places that your access control systems protect.

Store Information Safely

There are many systems you can use to protect your company’s information, but access control systems can keep people away while still providing access to the people who need it. This is essential for defending your business’s information and data without sacrificing your productivity.

Protect Vital Infrastructure

You should protect both the vital information and infrastructure of your office. The power generators and other utilities that support your office need protection as well. Implementing backup power in these places can improve safety and security in your office in the event of an outage.

Utilize People and Experts

Security systems can do a lot to keep you safe, but people are the driving force of your office and should play a heavy role in your security systems. That said, you can do more than just hire guards for your office. Here are a few things you can do to improve security in the office with the help of others.

Work With Emergency Response Teams

Whether it’s police or medical responders, contact your local services and try working together to create systems that best protect your office. This is a great way to get some expert help in creating a safe, secure environment. Additionally, working closely with the people who protect you can improve your preparedness during an emergency.

Bring In Security Experts

There are security experts who specialize in custom-made security systems for your building, and they understand the best ways to defend a commercial property. You can easily hire someone to come out with you and build a system that offers the most protection possible at a reasonable price. In addition, they can help you find the perfect company access cards for your unique security needs. Lastly, these experts can find things that you miss in your original plans.

Hold Employee Training Sessions

Another great way to make your office safer is by holding safety training for all your workers. These trainings will teach best practices for handling information and keep everyone up to date with all the new security systems. This will help limit mistakes and make adjusting to these security standards much easier for everyone.

These are just a few of the ways people make their office more secure for both the people and information inside. It’s best to utilize a two-step system, preventing as many threats as possible by deterring people and limiting access. Afterward, you can put in systems that can react to dangerous situations and avoid unnecessary risks.

How To Improve Physical Security in Your Office Building