How Proximity Wristbands Can Help Your Security Team

How Proximity Wristbands Can Help Your Security Team

by Mike Boehm on February 02, 2024

RFID proximity software is one of the fastest growing and most utilized system in today’s workforce. Not only has proximity services made its appearance in the workforce, but it is also a crucial part of most people’s lives today. However, one of the best uses of RFID proximity systems is through integrating proximity wristbands within security teams.

Security and RFID Software

We all know that security teams are in place to serve and protect. Most of the time, that means serving and protecting people. Whether it be in malls, schools, special events, and so on, they are there to protect.

RFID proximity software is also in place to protect and, if utilized effectively, can greatly improve security teams’ ability to protect as well. As such, this software has the potential to save lives in such a high-stakes career as security. Basically, RFID software works in such a way that a piece of access technology (e.g., a 26 bit wristband, an access card, a key fob, etc.) is held in front of a proximity reader. That reader then processes the data on the access technology and checks it against it security settings to determine if the user is granted access or not. For example, most medical doctors need to wave their badges (i.e., access cards) in front of the readers on the exterior of the health facility. The door will only unlock if presented with a piece of access technology with valid credentials, allowing the user to enter.

Why for Security?

Many professions are able to use these features in the same way, including (and perhaps especially) security teams. Security teams can use access control technology to secure areas with simple programming and ensure the safety of their team and others. As previously mentioned, there are multiple RFID enabled items to choose from. That being said, proximity wristbands are the best option for security teams.

26 bit wristbands are normally made of a sturdy elastic bands that come in a variety of colors and sizes. This ensures that they fit snuggly around one’s wrist and are identifiable. Color-coded proximity wristbands can help you organize your security team in an efficient way such as blue proximity wristbands for southside security, and red proximity wristbands for eastside security.

Proximity wristbands will also not easily fall off which is essential if a security guard is in pursuit of someone. Alternatively, if they are caught in a fight, it cannot fall off or be stolen.


As you can see 26 bit wristbands are essential to your security teams as they help maintain a high standard of safety and security.