Everything You Need to Know About Alarm Lock Access Control & Readers + Where to Purchase Credentials

Everything You Need to Know About Alarm Lock Access Control & Readers + Where to Purchase Credentials

by Mike Boehm on November 01, 2023

Today, we're extending our spotlight series on under-the-radar access control brands with a deep dive into Alarm Lock Systems. With a legacy spanning over four decades, Alarm Lock has carved a niche for itself in delivering secure and robust commercial door-locking solutions. 

Their flagship Trilogy® series revolutionizes keyless entry, offering the capability to enact building-wide lockdowns at the touch of a button. For the burgeoning small and medium business sector, their AirAccess platform offers an intuitive, cloud-based control system for door access. 

Alarm Lock serves as a trusted security partner across various sectors, including healthcare, education, government, and transportation, ensuring that facilities remain both safe and secure.

Benefits of Choosing Alarm Lock Products

If you're in the market for a robust and versatile access control system, Alarm Lock Systems should be on your radar. Here's why their products stand out: 

  • Affordable – Enjoy the best of conventional access features at the lowest labor and equipment costs without compromising on quality. 
  • Swift and Clean Installation – Replace any type of door lock with ease, ensuring a quick and tidy setup. 
  • Easy Networking – Utilize your existing network or Ethernet for seamless connectivity, with the added support of multi-lock gateways and optional repeaters. 
  • Flexible User Management – The system supports thousands of users, whether using PINs, IDs, or the iLOCK app and allows for easy addition or removal either locally or remotely. 
  • Global Lockdown Capability – Achieve immediate lockdown or unlocking of all doors, controllable from the server or any individual lock. 
  • Centralized Scheduling and Access – Manage program updates, queries, and free access settings with ease, customizable by time and by door.


Alarm Lock has a long list of access control readers, but we are only going to be covering those that use RFID proximity credentials. The products that fall into this category are designated by the PDL naming convention.

PDL3000 – Cylindrical PIN/Prox Lock

The Trilogy Prox Lock PDL3000 is a high-security PIN/Prox cylindrical lock designed for versatile access control. It supports up to 2000 user codes and is compatible with HID prox cards and keyfobs. The lock offers multilevel security roles, including Master, Manager, Supervisor, and Basic Users, and features an easy "Tap & Add" batch ID card enrollment mode. 

With a 40,000-event audit trail log and 150 scheduled events, it provides comprehensive monitoring and control. The lock is weatherproof, battery-operated, and logs mechanical key override use. 

PDL3500 – High-Security Mortise PIN/Prox Lock

The PDL3500 Series is a high-security mortise lock equipped with a built-in HID prox reader. It supports up to 2000 user codes or HID prox cards/fobs and offers multilevel security roles. The lock features an "Easy Tap & Add" mode for quick prox ID card enrollment and can be programmed via PC. 

It operates on a 5AA battery pack with an impressive 75,000-cycle lifespan and comes in five architectural finishes. 

PDK300 – PIN/Prox Keypad

The Trilogy PDK300 ID Card Keypad offers both PIN and proximity card access. This weatherproof keypad is equipped with a built-in HID proximity reader, supporting up to 2000 PIN codes and/or HID cards and keyfobs. It features a 40,000-event audit trail, 500 scheduled events, and a real-time clock for enhanced accountability and control.

 Additional features include tamper supervision, remote release, and request-to-exit input, making it a versatile and reliable choice for secure access control. 

PDL1300 – Narrow Stile PIN/Prox Lock

The PDL1300 model offers PIN and Prox access and is specifically designed for glass doors. The built-in proximity reader that supports up to 2000 users. It offers an "Easy Tap & Add" mode for quick prox ID card enrollment and provides a detailed 40,000-event audit trail. 

With a 500-event schedule and real-time clock, this model is battery-operated, boasting a long life of 65,000 cycles on just two lithium 3V batteries. 

PDL4100 – Privacy Cylindical PIN/Prox Lock

The PDL4100 electronic door lock can support 2000 PIN or PIN/Prox user codes, offers up to 500 scheduled events, and a 40,000-event audit trail. A unique Privacy Pushbutton allows for temporary keypad lock-out, indicated by a multi-status LED. 

The lock comes with self-stick instructional signage and can be programmed via keypad or PC. It's versatile, available in right- or left-hand models, and offers classroom or deadbolt functions. 

PDL7100 – Cylindical iClass Prox Lock

The PDL7100 is a cylindrical Trilogy Networx iClass Prox Lock – which is quite the mouthful. This state-of-the-art wireless lock is equipped with a 13.56 MHz iClass HID proximity ID card reader. It supports up to 5000 user codes and is compatible with both HID and HID iClass prox cards and keyfobs. It offers multilevel security options and features an "Easy Tap & Add" mode for quick ID card enrollment. 

In case of emergencies, a global lockdown or unlock can be activated in just 10 seconds from any authorized device. The lock also boasts a 35,000 event audit trail log and supports 500 scheduled events. To top it off, it offers an unparalleled 5-year+ battery life using 4 C-cell batteries, complete with automatic battery status reports and low-battery indicators. 

Need Credentials for Alarm Lock’s PDL Readers?

Looking for compatible credentials for Alarm Lock's PDL Readers? You're in luck! Alarm Lock's PDL readers are designed to work seamlessly with the widely-used standard HID 26-bit proximity format—H10301. This makes sourcing credentials for your small or medium-sized business a breeze. 

At Authoriz-ID, we offer an extensive range of high-quality, budget-friendly credentials in various formats and types, including cards, fobs, wristbands, and stickers. Our selection features a plethora of 26-bit H10301 compatible options such as: 

  • Clamshell Cards
  • Printable CR80 Cards
  • Adhesive Sticker Tags
  • Proximity Wristbands
  • Key Fobs

Explore our catalog to find the perfect fit for your needs. With flexible purchasing options ranging from a 2-piece set to a 1000-piece bulk order, we've got you covered!

Got questions about our products or wondering if they'll work with your current setup? No worries! Give us a ring at (970) 682-0765. We're around Monday to Friday, 8am to 3pm MDT. Prefer email? Shoot a message over to support@authoriz-id.com. Our friendly support team is always happy to help you out with any questions or concerns.