Cloning My Apartment Key Fob: The Risks and Benefits, Types of Key Fobs, and Cloning Services

Cloning My Apartment Key Fob: The Risks and Benefits, Types of Key Fobs, and Cloning Services

by Mike Boehm on January 19, 2023

Many modern and luxury apartment complexes and condominiums have switched over to RFID access systems to secure their residential buildings. There are a number of benefits to residents, including quick and easy access to their building and peace of mind. Only those with a key fob provided by the property management company or HOA can access the residential buildings or private amenities.

 how to copy a key fob

Need an Extra Key Fob?

Most complexes that provide apartment key fobs do not freely provide extras. If you want to keep any additional key fob on hand to let friends and family use, as a backup, or to replace a lost key fob, you have two options:


  • Pay for an additional key fob if the complex allows additional keys to be issued
  • Clone your existing key fob

What is Cloning? Benefits and Risks of Cloning?

Cloning is the process of copying the credential information stored on a key fob and applying it to another key fob. You can clone a key fob by using a cloning service or checking if your local hardware store has the capacity to clone key fobs. Many local stores where you can clone traditional keys still don’t offer this service. If you use a cloning service, you will send your key fob to the service and receive the original and a duplicate in as little as 3-5 days.


Benefits to Cloning

There are numerous reasons you might be interested in cloning your keyfob:


  • You don’t want to pay a $30-$80 charge issued by your HOA or property management company every time you want an additional fob or lose a fob. If you clone your fob, you can keep a few cloned key fobs as backups.
  • You can provide key fobs to relatives, significant others, or trusted friends so they can have secure access to your residential building. This is useful in case of emergencies or if you want to take a vacation and have family or friends check on your apartment or pets.
  • Can give a key fob to your significant other or frequent visitors, so you don’t have to head down to let them in every time.


Risks to Cloning

Cloning RFID key fobs isn’t wholly without risk. You should be aware of the potential problems you might encounter if you choose to seek an extra fob:

  • If you have to send your key fob to a cloning service, you risk losing it in transit. Then you’ll have to pay the replacement fee you were trying to avoid in the first place.
  • It might be against the rules of your HOA or apartment building to clone a key fob. You risk the consequences or fines if they find out you’ve broken this rule. And if you signed a contract and can also be a legal issue.
  • Make sure you only turn over your key fob to a trusted source. This caution includes the cloning service you choose to send your key fob to and any friends or family you give a copy of your fob. You want to ensure that no malicious activities are carried out using your RFID fob.

Which Type of Fobs can be Cloned?

The good news is that you can clone nearly all key fobs with the right technology. We’ve included a list of clonable credentials, so you can check if your key fob is on this list:

HID Proximity Credentials:

 H10301, H10302, H10304, D10202, S10401, C10203, N10002, C15001, A14001, I10001

Awid Credentials:

CS-AWID 26-bit, 34-bit, 37-bit and 50-bit

Indala Credentials

Schlage Credentials:

7410 (XceedID), 7410, 7510, 8420, 8520, 8920, 9451, 9551, 9951

Pyramid Credentials:

PSK-3, PSK-3-H (HID), PSK-3-A (AWID)

Keri K-series and MS Credentials:

KC-10X, KC-26X, KT-10X, MT-10XP

Doorking DKS 1508-120 and DK Prox Credentials:

DKS, IDTECK, 1508-121, 1508-112, 1508-123, 1508-111, and 1508-129


make a copy of a key fob

Authoriz-id Cloning Service

Authoriz-id is launching our cloning service to support customers who need to securely and safely create key fob clones. We offer a straightforward process to get a clone into your hands as soon as possible. Whether you need a single key fob or work for a condominium association or HOA that needs to fulfill a much larger order, we can help.


Approval Process

Authoriz-id does not support unauthorized copying of key fobs or other credential sources. If you want to use our cloning service, we need to verify that you are authorized to make a copy of the key in question. This check helps us ensure that all keys we clone will be used for legal and ethical purposes.


Our approval process is generally quick and easy. 

  1. First click here to start the approval process.
  2. Fill in the quick form with your contact info.
  3. Upload clear pictures of your current key fob.
  4. Upload proof of residency/ownership.
  5. Read our short instructions for shipping your key fob
  6. Read our short terms and sign that you agree.
  7. Enter your payment method and address.
  8. Receive your clones.

 It's that easy!

All you need to do is send us a screenshot or picture of documentation that verifies you are the person that lives at that address. Examples of documentation that would work include a utility bill or lease agreement. Please make sure the image clearly shows your name and address.


Send your clone approval request to with the pictures attached. Make sure to include ‘clone approval’ in the subject line. Once we receive your email, we will get you approved in a snap!