Best Places To Install Card Based Access Control Systems

Best Places To Install Card Based Access Control Systems

by Mike Boehm on June 07, 2023

You may have recently decided to implement a card-based access control system in your organization and are now wondering how to physically set it up in your business. This article will dive into some of the best places to install your card-based access control system in order to protect your employees, product, and business.

The Importance of Access Control Systems

Before diving into where the best places are to install a card-based access control system, we must first ask why it is important. At the basis of any access control system is security and protection. Your entire organization needs to be protected—both internally and externally. A card-based access control system utilizes electronic locks in tandem with access control cards in order to protect the facility. The system works by having card readers at different points in the facility which are connected to electronic locks that keep various access points secure. In order to unlock the doors via a card reader, one needs an authorized access control card in order to do so. These access control cards are uniquely programmed to each employee and is granted personalized levels of access within the facility.

Entrance Doors

The most vulnerable part in your facility are the entrance and other public access doors. At the heart of this is preventing strangers or thieves from being able to walk right into a facility without having proper access to do so. By having a card reader on an entrance door, you thereby ensure that only employees with authorized access control cards can enter the building. This not only helps protect employees from harmful threats, but also helps to protect your product from theft. Moreover, as each employee has their own access control card, this enables the owner to collect accurate records as to who enters the facility when and where. Therefore, access control systems help protect businesses from internal threats as well. 

Restricted Access

Card-based access control readers can also be placed on doors inside your organization as well in order to protect areas that have restricted access. At many large facilities, not every employee is allowed to enter every area within the building. For example, at most hospitals, only doctors may access medicine storage. As such, while all employees at the hospital will have access control cards that let them into the building, typically only the doctors’ access control cards will be programmed with access to medicine storage areas. This is to protect against theft and to help keep account of prescriptions.


When deciding where to place your card-based access control system, it is important to recognize the external entrances to your organization and the items/rooms within it that need to be the most secure. By placing the card readers in places that protect these two categories, you then give access control cards that are adequately programmed to each employee’s permissions within the facility.