7 Key Access Control System Features Your Business Needs

7 Key Access Control System Features Your Business Needs

by Josh Murray on August 25, 2022

The security of your business should be a huge concern for any manager or owner. While security guards can be a great solution, access control door entry systems are able to provide a lot more for your business. However, you need to be sure that your access control system has these key features your business needs before you invest and install it.

What Are Access Door Entry Systems?

To start, the first thing you should understand before you look into getting an access control system is what a control system is. Simply put, these systems are ways someone can limit access to an area, but more specifically, they use technology to achieve this. From biometric scans that unlock doors to proximity keycards and key fobs, there are a lot of different access control systems you can get for your business.

Key Features for Your Business

Because there are so many different door entry systems, they don’t all have the same features as they try to accomplish different things. That’s why you should keep your eyes out for specific features that’ll benefit your business. Here are a few of the things your door entry system should feature.

Restricts Access to Different Areas

The first thing your door entry system needs to do is help you limit the access to all the different areas of your business. The best systems will help you stop people from entering different areas while letting them access places you want them to. A great example of systems that do this would be hotel keycards which let guests go into their own room and no one else’s. Additionally, you should be able to grant access to specific areas as necessary, like a hotel card that can access the room and the pool.

Access Tracking Capabilities

One great feature you can get for your access control systems is access tracking. With every swipe of their proximity door entry key fob or keycard, the system will log critical information such as the date, time and door the key fob user accessed.  In addition, you will see if a user attempted to use their key fob to access a restricted area. 

This feature is a major reason why access control systems are so useful, as you can identify when people access a certain place or try accessing one. This is very useful for keeping your business safe and giving you information on how people use your facilities. Always make sure that any system you get in your business can track the people who access it and how they did so.

24-Hour Protection

Another reason why access control systems are so popular and useful is the fact that they can work at all times of the day. A good access control system can prevent access no matter the time, which prevents theft and keeps people safe. Additionally, it means you can keep your facilities open much later if you want to make that move in your business. This is particularly useful for gyms that are making the move to 24-hour operations, as the night shift only needs the system and very few workers.

Easy To Manage, Hard To Cheat

Any system you install in your business should be both easy to use and difficult to get around. This makes it easy for you to manage and use it to keep your business safe. Additionally, you will have knowledge of every single time an employee has entered an area.  There is no access without access being granted by your door entry system.

No More Locksmiths

When an employee is terminated or if keys are lost, there's no need to call in a locksmith to change the locks.  All you need to do is remove access to their proximity key fob or card and the change will instantly be applied to your doors.  Now that's security!  In addition, you don't have spend time and money getting the locks changed.  Who knew you could get a return on investment by having a key fob entry system?

Alerts and Notifications

Another feature your system should have is the ability to alert management if anything goes wrong or if it discovers improper use. A good system will tell you when someone isn’t using your facilities the proper way so you can stop them before someone does any damage or breaches a secure area. This is one of the best ways you can keep everyone safe with these systems, as they notify you of any potential threats in real-time. Additionally, you can configure these systems to alert emergency responders so you can get instant responses to crisis.

Use With Other Systems

Some access control systems don’t work well with other systems, which can be a problem if you already have something you like or want more protection. That’s why a key feature is a system that can blend well with other security systems that’ll protect your business. For example, while commercial key fob door entry systems​ will do a lot to protect your business, you might want one that’ll work with video surveillance systems or burglar alarm system.

Customizable To Your Needs

The last of the key features you should look for in your access control systems for your business is customization. While every system can benefit your business, it’s best if you can get a system that can fit your specific needs. Systems with high customizability will fit your business better than any premade system, as you can have it fill your specific needs. Look for access control systems that give you plenty of options, and take your time setting it up to get full use out of your protective systems.

The Benefits for Your Business

There are many benefits to using these access control systems for your business. Here we’ll cover just a few of the most important ones.

Improved Security

These systems improve the security of your business in many ways, and this is the main reason why people invest in door entry systems. A good system will help workers stay safe and keep them in the places they should access. Additionally, you can keep your data safe by putting it behind this system so only the people qualified to see it will have access.

Save Money

Access control systems are a great way to save money over some of the other protection options out there. For example, while a security guard is a cheaper option at first, the ongoing cost of hiring and training security guards will outweigh the initial cost of a system that can cover your whole business. 

Like I mentioned earlier, you also save money on locksmith costs by simply turning off access privileges to proximity key fobs and keycards when they no longer need access.

Audit Data Tracking

If your system can track access data from normal use, you can use that information to learn more about your business. For example, tracking how many people use the pool in a hotel can inform you if and when your pool is popular.  Know how many people are in your building at any given time. Using access data to learn more information about your company’s strengths and weaknesses will help you grow as a business.

This was a rundown of everything you should look for in a good access control system and how it can benefit your business if you use them properly. These systems can really elevate your business and help you grow as a company over time.

7 Key Access Control System Features Your Business Needs

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