5 Ways To Make Schools Safer With Security Technology

5 Ways To Make Schools Safer With Security Technology

by Josh Murray on May 24, 2022

School administrators must prioritize a safe learning environment above all else. Students, teachers, and staff will work more efficiently in a space with extra security measures. Explore some ways to make schools safer with security technology and choose the solutions that fit your building’s needs.

Communication Systems

Many schools already employ a PA (public address) system to make announcements to everybody at once. However, in the event of an emergency, you’ll also need a quick and easy way to call the police or fire departments. Some schools also implement duress buttons that teachers or staff can press to alert responders to an immediate threat.  It's even possible to employ a full school lockdown from the regular phone installed in every classroom with the right technology.

Video Surveillance

Monitor students’ and teachers’ movements in real-time by installing a camera system throughout the school. If an unauthorized person enters the campus, security professionals can track their movement and see where they’re headed. Visual tracking helps you handle would-be emergencies as they happen, and that footage can be useful to police departments if necessary.  Camera analytics can automatically spot guns and alert security personel.

Building Access Control

Random people wandering into your school can pose a serious security threat if you don’t know who they are or what their business is. Building access control is one of the unsung heroes of school safety.  With access control in place, you can lockdown every entrance to the school and funnel all entries through proximity card access doors. To ensure that everyone in the building is authorized to be there, incorporate RFID key fobs into student, faculty, and staff IDs. Secure all entrances and exits so no interlopers can sneak in through a side door.  Proximity access control choke points as part of school security plan absolutely saves lives. 


Your school’s computer system can fall under attack by bad actors looking to infect you with ransomware. Protect your employees’ and students’ confidential information by encrypting that data and enabling two-factor authentication. All passwords should be changed every three months.

Proper Training

All the high-tech security solutions in the world won’t do much if your staff and faculty don’t know how to use them. With a building access control system, proximity key cards and key fobs can be deleted from the system with a few keystrokes.  Stress the importance of school safety and building security by thoroughly training everybody on how to use them. Teachers should know where duress buttons are, and administrators should know how to handle emergency communications systems.

Learn how to make schools safer with security technology, and know how to implement those solutions. High-tech security has become an immediate priority in many schools, so don’t wait—ensure that everyone in your building is safe by controlling who has access.