5 Key Benefits of Access Control Systems for Fitness Centers

5 Key Benefits of Access Control Systems for Fitness Centers

by Josh Murray on April 28, 2022

Is your reception desk often swamped with customers checking in and out? Boost your customer experience and give your reception staff a break by installing a convenient gym access system. Fitness enthusiasts can come and go more conveniently with their own access card. Here are five key benefits of access control systems for fitness centers.

24-Hour Access

In the days before 24-hour fitness centers, your reception staff was often in charge of manually checking customers in and out. Gyms had set hours based on regular business hours—receptionists need sleep, too.

However, many fitness enthusiasts like to get their workouts done in the small hours of the morning. With a high-tech gym access system, your customers can enter and exit without needing a manual check-in.

More Prompt Payments

When you link your fitness center’s security system to a computer, you can track who goes in and out. Are any of your regular customers behind on their monthly payments?

With building access cards and fobs in use, you have the ability to restrict entry from gym-goers who haven’t made their payments. That loss of access prompts your customers to catch up on those monthly fees.

Heightened Security

Fitness centers need a little extra protection since they are, unfortunately, common targets for trespassing and theft. Prevent unauthorized entry by giving building access cards to your staff and paying customers only.

Your treasured customers will appreciate the extra security, and they’ll exercise with ease knowing that the possessions in their gym lockers are safe.

Capacity Management

You can link your staff and customers’ access cards to a computer system that allows you to see how many people are in the building at one time. Your gym likely has a capacity limit; if your facility is too crowded, you may be violating fire codes.

Keep your fitness center from getting too crowded by monitoring the number of people in the building.  Proximity access cards and key fobs can help you track your traffic and keep your gym safe.

Saving Money

How much does it cost to hire a night security guard? What about receptionists that can work the graveyard shift? Hiring and paying employees to keep your building staffed 24/7 can get expensive.

When you install a high-quality building security system, you don’t need a night guard to stand watch. If any unauthorized person tries to enter the building, the alarm will sound, and you’ll know right away.  By placing building access readers at your entry points, you can be sure that those who are in your fitness center have been granted access.

Remember these key benefits of access control systems for fitness centers as you shop AUTHORIZ-id’s selection of proximity access cards and key fobs. Keep your facility safe from intruders while allowing your customers to enter and exit the fitness center easily.